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Atlantica Online

Information and updates from the official game.

Atlantica Online: Patch Update Of August 18

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Posted 08/19/2009 - 08:40 by Admin Muwing

Every 2 months, Ndoors updates their Atlantica Online International with a new patch. This August, 18, the traditional patch notes -much more styled and readable as before- inform us about the main changes.

The main addition is the coming of a new (bow, C-Class) mercenary: Hwarang, and his related stuff (quest, skills, books).
Other changes are pretty common with Atlantica: items removed, craft materials modified, tons of minor adjustments / bug corrections.
A good point for AOP (and players interested), it's not possible to reach 100% monster info!

Loading speed has improved. Loading time for high population areas should be noticeably decreased.

People using Laptops should be pleased.

New Mercenary: Hwarang
  • The quest for recruiting Hwarang has been added.
  • You can start this quest with NPC [Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin] near Bulguksa (level 112).
  • Skill Books for his magic, Hwarang’s Aura, Seal Instrument, and Hwarang’s Fury, have been added. - These books can be obtained from monsters in Bulguksa.
    - They can also be attained from boxes given by NPC [Goncourt].
    - [II] and [III] books can be crafted with Book Crafting skill.

Mercenary Junior Hwarang and related stuff (quest, NPC, books) have been added.
A few time will be necessary to complete his skills' stats and the recruiting quest.
Side notes:
  • The last mercenary to be introduced was... the Elementalist on 02/18 Patch.
  • Next to come are the Punisher (saw) then Minstrel (instrument).

Free League
  • Holy Guard’s healing and physical defense have been decreased.
  • Main characters’ physical defense has increased.
  • Max skill level of Lighting Spear is now 70 with the use of Charms.
  • Damage from Officer’s Shotgun’s ‘Lightning Bullets’ has decreased.
  • Free League Auto-Battle rewards have been decreased.

Holy Guard skill updated with the new stats.
To compare the old/new stats in Free League (Dharma [Hero I], skill level 70, 400 int):
before: +817 HP
after: +396 HP ~ -674 Def

By the way, AOP does not provide info about the max skill levels (as 70 for Lightning Spear). It will be included within the next site.

  • Monk’s AI has been improved in Free League Auto-Battle. - Monks will now use Holy Guard.
    - Monks will use Awakening when the combo count is 1.
  • When using Auto-Battle, mercenaries will now attempt to use a potion when out of magic power.
  • The amount of magic power used during Auto-Battle has been increased for players above level 100.
  • The bug that caused items to not be looted correctly when using Seth’s Will magic has been fixed.
  • In PVE, the weapon’s magic chance rate has been increased for the following: Valhalla’s Bow, Sealed Dragon’s Fang, Storm Bringer, and Officer’s Shotgun.
  • During battle, other players can no longer perform a Trade Request or Repair Request from you.

Nothing to comment here.

  • The Maniac’s Storm Blast magic skill has changed to passive, similar to the Pirate’s ‘Toxic Sword’ skill. The effect of Storm Blast skill has also been improved. - The duration will remain the same and higher Storm Blast skill levels will increase the casting chance rate.
  • Maniac can now learn the Guard Dispel magic skill.
  • In PVE, Princess’ Order magic skill has been improved. - Princess’ Order’s defense will increase as the skill level increases.
    - Amount of defense and accuracy added by Princess’ Order has been increased.
  • Graphical effect of War Cry has been modified.
  • Graphical effect of Hell Flame has been modified.
  • Graphical effect of Freezing Axe has been modified.

Skills Storm Blast and Princess Order have been updated. PvP stats remains the same (Storm Blast too).

  • The Thoroughbred can now be purchased at a fixed price from the Market.
  • The Unicorn and Prismatic Unicorn have had their models improved.
  • Graphical effects have been added to weapons grade +4 and above.
  • The grade of items has been changed from [Beg], [Int], [Adv], [Pre] to , [II], [III], [IV].
  • Some materials have been removed and replaced by others: o Mercury -> Crystal
    o Sharp Tooth -> Sharpened Claw
    o Horse Hoof -> Horse Hair
    o Deer Antler - >Green Mold
    o Peppermint -> Green Mold
    o Laurel, Willow Bark -> Jasmine
    o Energy of Soil -> Energy of Atmosphere
    o Energy of Ground -> Energy of Wind
    o Energy of Cloud -> Energy of Wind
    o Energy of Earth -> Energy of Hail
    o Energy of Continent -> Energy of Sky
  • The fee for exchanging boxes with De Mere has been increased for certain boxes.
  • The required Elements for the crafting of Divine, Depraved, and Phoenix equipment have been increased and other required materials have been decreased.
  • Monster Item Info bonus to looting additional items has been decreased to 80% from 90%.
  • The amount of gold attained from battle has been decreased.
  • The gap between the minimum and maximum number of Elements that can be attained from dismantling Freezing equipment has been reduced. - The average amount of elements attained has not changed.
  • The icons for Officer’s Shotgun, Life Potions, and many consumable items have been changed.

- Thoroughbred fixed price added: 70,000,000 (!)
- Items renamed from [Beg], [Int], [Adv], [Pre] to [I], [II], [III], [IV].
- Craft materials removed/replaced/updated ([i]this single line always require so much boring work).
- A few icons have been updated, but I don't intend to check all of them at the moment.

  • You will now receive a message when your Jackpot License expires.
  • The following Individual Dungeon items can no longer be obtained through the Jackpot system: Water Dragon Scale, Insect Shell, Dust of Death, Torn Page, Poisonous Fang

  • Monster [Leviathan] has been placed in Southern Europe on the Titan Server. [Leviathan] will change his location every 30 minutes.
  • A Bandit area has been added near Northeast Asia.
  • Poison-Horned Python’s magic skill will now hit all mercenaries; however, damage and action power reduction have been reduced.
  • Experience from monsters in Bulguksa, Ghost Town, and Mysterious Saloon has been increased.
  • Mutated Spider King’s magic graphical effect has been changed.
  • Admirer of Shiva’s magic has been changed to Ranged type.
  • The following boss monsters’ defense has been decreased: Giustiniani, Constantinus XI, Sedna, Machine Gun Brooks, Reckless Control System, Tlaltecuhtli King
  • Ignorant Savage’s difficulty and experience have been increased and Enraged Savage’s attack power has been increased.
  • The magic skills of the Enchanting Warriors in Mysterious Saloon have been changed.
  • The attack type of the following monsters has been changed from Bow to Sword: Fire Hound, Hell Hound, Evil Wolf, Hell Wolf, Young Cerberus, Cerberus, Hell’s Watchdog, Blazing Lizard
  • A bug which caused Bulguksa monsters’ levels to display incorrectly in Monster Info has been fixed.
  • A bug related to the Health Points of transforming monsters has been fixed.
  • Monster Info for non-existent monsters has been removed.
  • It is now possible for players to achieve 100% Monster Info.
  • Guild and Nation Dungeon monsters’ locations will now display properly in Monster Info.
  • You can now share Tainted Unicorn Monster Info.
  • The graphic models of Crystal Guards, Crystal Safeguards, Dark Crystal Safeguards, Lone Guardsmen, and Bloody Safeguards have been changed.
  • Head Miners’ magic skill effect bug has been fixed.

Hope the contributors will do the described changes :)
By the way, the possibility to achieve 100% Monster Info is a great improvement!

  • The fee for services in Rome and Chang An has been increased. Chang An’s Trading Post Fee has not been changed.
  • Travel Agency’s base fee has been increased.

As a consequence, Teleportation Licences' price should increase too.

  • Guild Activity Points have been added. Existing guilds’ Guild Activity Points will be set to 28,000. - Guild activity points are earned by each guild member’s contribution.
    - Guild members can contribute to Guild Activity Points by killing monsters.
    - A maximum of 2,000 Guild Activity Points can be earned by a guild per in-game month (1 day real time).
    - Town Control will now require a guild to have at least 28,000 Guild Activity Points to apply.
  • Guild Initiates cannot participate in Guild or Nation Dungeons. When a guild member is added, they are automatically set as an Initiate. This guild rank cannot be changed for 12 hours from the time of joining the guild.
  • When a guild leader is impeached, their Guild Rank is set to Initiate. When a guild leader is impeached, Initiates are not eligible to become the guild leader.
  • When starting a guild craft, the amount of materials needed will be displayed.
  • While guild crafting, a crafting progress interface has been added.
  • A bug which caused a Korean-text error message to display when setting up a guild craft has been fixed to now display the message in English.
  • If a guild does not reach level 20 within 45 days, the guild will now automatically disband.

That should reduce some abuses, mainly fake guilds.

  • War NPC Generals have been modified in the following ways: - NPC Generals can no longer battle against other NPC Generals.
    - NPC Generals’ formation has been changed and difficulty increased.

  • An emoticon shortcut has been added to the Chat box interface.
  • You can now use emoticons in Whisper windows.
  • You will now be notified when you have more than 25 messages in your in-game Mailbox.
  • An issue with certain players’ Friends List which prevented them from adding or removing friends has been fixed.

Nothing to comment there.

  • Forest of Spirits (Sapporo) – Naonari’s Auto-Move location has been modified.
  • Jayavarman’s Quest – if your Accessory Crafting skill level is 0, it will automatically be increased to 1.
  • A new “Travel Agency” quest has been added to Hu Xue-yan’s quest line.
  • Prophet Quest - “Crazy Desert Eagle’s” Auto-Move location has been modified.
  • Narayan’s “Important Crossroads” quest must be completed to achieve level 50.

Sotheby's Auction
  • The Auction’s items and opening times have been added. - Item Types -> Power Saw and Instrument
    - Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) -> 5:30pm PDT and 11:30pm PDT have been added.

  • The Exorcist’s voice sound files have been updated.
  • Updated all mercenaries’ sound effects for hits, critical hits, etc.
  • Independent Mercenary Adventurer job rewards have been modified. Two of the lower-value rewards have been changed to better rewards.
  • After you report a user using the ‘Report’ feature from the right-click menu, the result of the user’s verification attempt will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
  • Report verification code window will no longer appear during Free-league.
  • Character portraits have been changed for female main character, Spearman, Beast Trainer, Archer, Witch, Shaman, and Gunner.
  • The Hall of Fame Individual Dungeon rank bug, which caused incorrect character names to be displayed, has been fixed.
  • Bank Fee bug, which caused the fee to become 1 at very high rates, has been fixed.
  • If you go over the Bank limit, the gold from items sold on the Market will be sent to your in-game mailbox instead of depositing directly into your Bank.
  • When you exchange items with NPC Pointry, you can now enter the quantity of items that you wish to receive.
  • The rare versions of mounts (Dark Mercury Rider, Helios’ Golden Griffin, Prismatic Unicorn, and Gold Mars Rider) can now be placed in the Mount Book.
  • The hospital will now display mercenaries’ names correctly when healing and reviving.
  • The hospital will now display mercenaries’ levels correctly.
  • Mercenary Grade system has been modified. The starting grade of a mercenary will now be 1, and each upgrade will increase the grade by 1.
  • Automatic Graphic option has been added. - Depending on the situation, the graphical settings will be automatically changed to increase performance.
    - You can Enable/Disable this setting from System Menu -> Settings -> Graphics.

Portraits have been updated, except Female Main Character.
The Formation Builder will use them from now. To update older pictures generated with this tool, you'll have to re-create them.

  • Southern Europe has been modified. o Witch Town [Magic Library of Night Shadow] has added east of Berne.
    o [Sanctum of Clear Prophecy] has added west of Berne.
    o [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit] has added north of Athens.
  • Northeast Asia has been modified. o [Raccoon Village] has been added near Kyoto.
    o [Land of Power] has been changed to [Chang-san], the spearman’s hometown, northeast of Beijing.
  • Innocent Villagers have been added in a small prison near Pusan.
  • [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield] has been modified.
  • Individual, Guild, Nation dungeons’ teleport locations have been modified.
  • NPCs and dungeon locations in Southern Europe have been modified. o Vivian and Novice Witch have been moved to [Magic Library of Night Shadow].
    o [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield] and Ancient Spartan Hero have moved to [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit].
    o Pandora, Calliope, Kleio, and Thalia have been moved to [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit].
    o Dispatcher Edward has moved to the [Parthenon] in Southern Europe.
  • Battle map in Lijiang Woman’s Village has modified.
  • Goonzu World’s teleport limit has been changed to level 90.
  • NPC Philos has been moved to just inside the entrance of Coal Mine Base Camp.

Related maps have been updated.

That should be the last Patch Update on Atlantica Online Players, the next website should be online next month.

Note: Stuff related to Hwarang (skills & quest) will be updated as soon as possible.

Atlantica Online: Patch Update Of June 17

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Posted 06/18/2009 - 10:29 by Admin Muwing

On June, 17, Ndoors updated Atlantica Online with another heavy patch (381Mb). Patch notes, and several news related to the new content, are available in the news section of the official site.

If this update brings its usual part of new content (dungeon, quests and related NPCs), it's mainly a "fixing" patch, with deep modifications regarding the Free League gameplay, changes on monsters, items and crafts.
The new FL specifications imply that we're going to drop the "FL Stats" in the Character Simulator, as each main character, each mercenary, has now its own stats different from PvE. And we can be sure that next patches will adjust them.
The main work on AOP will will concern the update of monsters, items (many are no longer used) and crafts. Do you remember? It was the same 2 months ago.

Jackpot System
  • -Jackpot System has been added.
  • -Jackpot license, which can be purchased at fixed price from market, will activate the Jackpot System.
  • -Under affecting by this license, all your loot items will be accumulated into an item obtain window. In this window, you can press two buttons: Collect all or Jackpot challenge.
  • -Collect all -> you just obtain your items into your inventory
  • -Jackpot Challenge -> you can select an item. After you have selected an item, if you click on the “Jackpot Challenge” button, you can acquire the item that you have selected as a bonus.
  • -Depending on values of giving up items, you can obtain extra amount of the selected item.
  • -If you don’t have enough inventory space, the items will be mailed to you.
  • -Maximum number of obtaining items is 99,999 even though your value of giving up item is higher.
  • -Maximum number of items is 12 and maximum amount is 10,000. If you go over the maximum amount, item will go into your inventory.
  • -Quest items and few other items will go into inventory not in Jackpot window.

Jackpot Licenses have been added (Jackpot License[Beg] ; Jackpot License[Int] ; Jackpot License[Adv] ; Jackpot License[Pre]).
If someone has the idea to collect data in order to find out "jackpot success rate" for each item, I don't intend to propose such a tool on AOP. These values (as independant mercenary items) usually change too fast to propose right data.

New Dungeon: Mysterious Inn
  • - Dungeon [Mysterious Inn] has been added in Central Asia. (Level 120 or high)
  • - You can start this dungeon with NPC [Yayul].

The mentionned Mysterious Inn is named Mysterious Saloon in game.
Three NPCs: Yayul, Modan and Sogang are involved with the Mysterious Saloon Quest. Details will come as soon as contributors complete them.

Arena System
  • - Remote Betting function has been added to Arena System.
  • - You don’t need to go to Maximus for betting.
  • - Every function is same but when you are using Remote Betting function, extra fee will be added.
  • - Therefore, fee from Arena has been changed.

No link with that, but a new Tool regarding Arena is coming soon.

Chatting Emoticon System
  • - Chatting Emoticon Function has been added.
  • - My info> Expression, you can check the emoticon. If you move your mouse to the icon, you can see the shortcut key.
  • - You can use the emoticon when you are chatting using the shortcut key or through emoticon window.

Nothing which concerns AOP here.

  • - Critical Rate will be displayed in the character info.
  • - First, critical rate depends on your dexterity. Second, the difference of your dexterity and opponent’s dexterity causes further alterations.
  • - Basic stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence) have influence on the damage depending on class.
  • - Strength will increase your defense.

As these changes concerns PvE too, I'll see if I am able to find out the formula, so as to keep the Character Simulator up to date.
Defense bonus with strength is easy to find out: +2 defense per strength point.
Critical base depends on the character/mercenary class (i.e. a Spearmain and a Spearman don't have the same critical rate with the same dexterity).

Free League
  • - Spells from equipment have been adjusted.
  • - Withdraw bug in the Free league has been fixed.
  • - Each mercenary has different physical defense properties; therefore, they will show different defense values.
  • - Magic defense formula has been changed, so all mercenaries Mdef have been reduced.
  • - Magic defense formula has been changed, so damage of magic and heal has been changed.
  • - Increased damage gains from Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity.
  • - Mercenary balance has been changed.


As said in introduction, this new system won't be included in the Character Simulator. But I guess Free League addicts will find some behaviors, maybe formula - until the patch which changes them again.

  • - Barter Shop: Blue Sapphire, Powder of Darkness, Powder of Light, and Tears of Teteoinan have been added.
  • - NPC Pointry – Items obtained from battle points have been adjusted.
  • - With Item Info of a monster, the extra loot item rate has been reduced from 100% to 90%.
  • - Item Tool Tip from experience books have been modified so that it is clearer than before.
  • - Tool Tip of Merchant Mercurius’s items have been modified so that they are clearer than before.
  • - Some equipment boxes have been combined.
  • - Frozen Destroyer’s Equipment Box, Frozen Savior’s Equipment Box, Frozen Defender’s Equipment Box combine to Freezing Equipment Box.
  • - You can get all Frozen Equipment from the Freezing Equipment Box.
  • - Divine Weapon box and Divine Armor Box combine to Divine Equipment Box. You can get all Divine equipment from the Divine Equipment Box.
  • - You cannot get any these boxes (Frozen Destroyer’s Equipment Box, Frozen Savior’s Equipment Box, Frozen Defender’s Equipment Box, Divine Weapon box, Divine Armor Box) from monsters/Gambler De Mere/Pointry. But, you can still gamble those boxes with De Mere. You can still use your current boxes.
  • - NPC De Mere’s fee has been changed.
  • - You can get Divine Equipment Box and Freezing Equipment Box from De Mere.
  • - You can get Divine Equipment Box from [Nimrod Treasure Box] and [Immortal King’s Treasure Box].
  • - You can get a [Sealed Phoenix’s Equipment Box] from Alcatraz’s reward [Prison Officer’s Safe].
  • - Individual Dungeon: Sealed Tower of Darkness’s instant dungeon key drop rate has been slightly reduced but Nosferatu’s Equipment Box drop rate has been increased.
  • - Shogun’s Equipment Box drop rate has been increased in Nation Dungeon: Tower of Babel/Ghost Ship of the Caribbean and Guild Dungeons: Marksburg Castle and Mausoleum of Qun Shi Huangdi.
  • - Powder of Darkness drop rate has been increased in the Guild Dungeon: Valley of Oblivion.
  • - Some items’ icons have been changed: Tears of Teteoinan, Beastman’s Fang, Phoenix’s Feather, Water Dragon Scale, Insect Shell, Dust of Death, Evil Soul Extract.
  • - Material items, which are no longer used, have been changed with similar items:
    • Zinc -> Clay
    • Brass -> Mercury
    • Coke - > Nickel
    • Jade -> Pearl
    • Pumpkin -> Crystal
    • Emerald -> Topaz
    • Carmine -> Tannin
    • Raw Rubber -> Pine
    • Rough fur -> Rough leather
    • Common fur -> Common leather
    • Quality fur -> Quality Leather
    • Perfect fur -> Perfect Leather
    • Rough Muslin -> Rough Silk
    • Common Muslin -> Common Silk
    • Quality Muslin -> Quality Silk
    • Perfect Muslin -> Perfect Silk
    • Leather Protectant -> Glue
    • Tandoori Tikka -> Chicken
    • Onion -> Garlic
    • Rice -> Potato
    • Olive oil -> Sesame Oil
    • Sweet Potato, Leek -> Barley
    • Spinach, Radish -> Cucumber
  • Therefore, some quest materials and crafting materials have been changed.
- Ring Craft has been changed to Accessories Craft.
- Accessories Craft can craft necklace and ring.
- New Necklaces have been added
- Shimmering Opal Necklace(Accessories craft level 54), Sharp Opal Necklace(Accessories craft level 58), Tough Opal Necklace (Accessories craft level 62) (level 105 or higher can wear them)
- Necklace Mold, one of the necklace materials, can be purchase in the market with fixed price.
- Necklace can only be enchanted and normal enhanced.
- New rings have been added: Ring of Volition(Accessories craft level 70), Ring of Celerity(Accessories craft level 75), Ring of Nobility(Accessories craft level 65), Ring of Sacrifice(Accessories craft level 80) (level 120 or higher can wear). Craft Material: blue sapphire, Multi-Hued Jewel, Ruby and etc.
- Element material usage has been increased on crafting boxes (Conqueror, Freezing, Divine, Depraved, and Phoenix)
- Poisonous Arrows, Bullets, and Cannonballs have been added.
- [Hydra’s Poisonous Gland], which can be obtained in [Lerna’s Labyrinth], is the material for poisonous arrows, bullets, and cannonballs.
- Poisonous Arrow, Bullet, and Cannonball can be equipped level 105 or higher. They give a chance to poison the enemy.
New Quest
  • - Sub Quest [Philos] has been added in Dallas Lawless District. (Level 100 or higher)
  • - [Philos], who is examining fake Oriharukon, is located in the Coal Mine Base Camp.
  • - Sub quest [Natalie] has been added to Dallas Lawless District. (Level 100 or higher)
  • - [Natalie], who is contemplating between her dream and love, is located at the Bloody Dust Bar.

NPCs Philos and Natalie added, their quest entries too (to be completed as soon as contributors do the quests). As well as the related Licences to reset their quest.

  • - You can see the option to separate Title quests in the quest window.
  • - Every quest except daily quests and title quests will show up in the quest window.
  • - If you want to be level 40, You have to complete NPC [Jayavarman]’s quest “Angkor Wat In Peril.”
  • - Quest rewards: Frozen Destroyer’s Equipment Box, Frozen Savior’s Equipment Box, and Frozen Defender’s Equipment Box have been changed to Freezing Equipment Box.
  • - Quest rewards: Divine Weapon box and Divine Armor Box have changed to Divine Equipment Box.
  • - Adlivun sub quest -> Materials has been reduced:
    • - Bone Necklace: Small Animal Bone 500 -> 100, Perfect Leather 500 -> 100
    • - Warrior Mask: Captured Eagle 100 -> 10
    • - Ice Cube: Frozen Soul 100 -> 50
  • - Adlivun Monsters who drop quest items have been added:
    • - Ice Pieces quest: Ice Breaker
    • - Broken Nail quest: Mutated Native
    • - Crimson Stone Piece quest: Infantry Servant
  • - Dallas Lawless District [James the Pretender]’s Low Quality Gun quest fulfillment becomes meeting NPC [Natalie].
  • - Wasteland Desperado will drop [James the Pretender]’s quest item [Old Pipe].
  • - A new quest has been added to [Mystery Acong] in Rome.

Quest rewards (boxes) updated.
Other quest updates will be fixed soon.

  • - The guild Maintenance fee has been increased.
  • - When you open the mail window, and click one of your friends, guild members, or nation members, the recipient will automatically be typed.
  • - New function for the whisper window – if you click “Mail”, recipient will be typed automatically.
  • - Mailbox>Inbox, if you double-click on mail, you can send mail.
  • - Whisper max, min, and end buttons have been relocated.
  • - If your guild completes a guild dungeon, the announcement will show up in your Nation Chat window.
  • - New party function has been added. (Select party leader, Change loot collection, Follow the party).
  • - When a Nation war starts, general NPC 3 will be randomly located.

Nothing which concerns AOP here.

  • [Yggdrasil] Monsters’ magic has been changed.
  • [Southwest Asia] Crazy Desert Eagle’s spawning position has been changed.
  • [Lijang Women’s Village] Dungeon monster’s position and amount have been changed.
  • [Goonzu World] Bamboo Hat and Evil King J’s magic effect have been added.
  • Monsters will now appear near Yellow Crane Tower.
  • Monsters will now appear in front of Mausoleum of Qun Shi Huangdi gate.
  • Monsters will now appear on the way to Mysterious Inn.
  • Monsters will now appear in front of Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town gate.
  • One of Servant leader’s party monster’s attack type has been changed.
  • Succubus of Chaos and Succubus of Chaos Queen’s attack effect has been changed.
  • Aztec’s monster’s attack power and defense have been decreased.
  • Bulguksa and Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters’ magic damage has been decreased.
  • Bulguksa dungeon’s melee monsters’ defense has been reduced.
  • Owl bear and Silent owl Bear’s magic has been changed.
  • Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Monsters’ possibility of enemy reinforcement has been decreased.
  • All monsters from Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town’s attack power and defense have been reduced.
  • Enraged Rock Beast’s magic accuracy has been increased.
  • Aztec, Lijang Women’s Village, Bulguksa, and Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters’ level has been reduced.
  • Nether King monster’s magic attack power has been reduced.
  • Flame Ruler Loki’s position has been modified.
  • When you search the monsters’ loot, corpse click range has been changed.
  • Ignorant/Enraged Savage, Ferocious/Violent Gunsmith, Cruel/Violent Monk, Diabolic Guardmaster, Dazzling/Enchanting Monk, Diabolic High Priest/Guardian/Instructor, King’s Warden, Diabolic King, Diabolic King’s Departed Soul, Iron Doll Warrior/Fighter/Magician/Reaper, Possessed Marionette, Owl Bear, Silent Owl Bear, Oriharukon Watcher/Observer, Merciless Rakshasa, Crazy Rakshasa
  • Some monsters’ difficulty has been changed.
  • [Forest of Spirits] Hell Scout group’s regular monsters’ attack power and defense have been decreased.
  • [Forest of Spirits] Hellish Fairy’s magic attack power has been reduced.
  • [Ruins of the Yellow River] Margo’s Evil Archer’s attack power has been reduced.
  • [Angkor Wat] Naga Royal Guard’s magic has been added. (Paralyzing Poison)
  • [Nest of Insects] Boss monster Evil Spider King’s HP has been reduced.
  • [Mohenjodaro] Dark Wing’s attack power has been increased.
  • [Taj Mahal] Regular monsters’ attack power has been reduced. Boss monster Mumtaz Mahal’s attack power has been increased.
  • [Cretan Labyrinth] Boss monster Dark Betrayer’s attack power has been increased.
  • [Necropolis] Boss Monster Destroyer Sekhmet’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Shogun Castle of Death] Monster Samidare’s magic has been added. (Shocking Blow)
  • [Shogun Castle of Death] Southern Gorilla’s attack power and HP have been increased.
  • [Shogun Castle of Death] Boss Monster Oda Nobunaga’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Yggdrasil] Fenrir’s attack power has been increased
  • [Yggdrasil]Boss Monster Urd and Skuld’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Constantinople Battlefield] Boss Monster Constantinus XI’s defense has been reduced.
  • [Frozen Adlivun] Servant Leader’s attack power has been reduced.
  • [Frozen Adlivun] Boss Monster Sedna’s defense has been reduced.
  • [Dallas Lawless District] Elegant Catherine’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Dallas Lawless District] Boss monster Machine Gun Brooks’ defense has been reduced.
  • [Silent Detroit] Power Saw Murderer’s magic defense has been increased.
  • [Silent Detroit] Boss monster Reckless Control System’s defense and magic defense have been reduced.
  • [Ancient Aztec City] Fake Quetzalcoatl’s attack power has been increased.
  • [Ancient Aztec City] Boss Monster Tlaltecuhtli King’s defense has been reduced.
  • [Lijiang Women’s Village] Giant Beast of Madness’ attack power has been increased.
  • [Bulguksa] Boss Monster Toad King’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Valley of Oblivion] Infinite Cube’s magic damage and attack power has been increased and defense has been decreased.
  • [Valley of Oblivion] Boss monster Heart of Eternity’s magic damage has been increased.
  • [Outdoor] Pasture Watcher’s attack power has been increased.
  • [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield] Boss monster Ancient Bronze Giant’s attack power has been increased.

Contributors are updating the Monster Database with the Monster Editor.

  • - Cherry Blossom event has ended so related items have been deleted.
  • - From the launcher, the option to check computer specifications has been added.
  • - Character Stats’ effect explanation has been added in Help.
  • - Phoenix’s equipment animation bug has been fixed.
  • - Character Details bug has been fixed.

Nothing which concerns AOP here.


Atlantica Online - Clash of the Titans: Patch Update Of April 22

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Posted 04/22/2009 - 08:02 by Admin Muwing

On April, 21, Ndoors updated Atlantica Online with the biggest patch ever released (622Mb). Patch notes, and several news related to the new content, are available in the news section of the official site.

A large part concerns the new Titan Server. Since this server was fully covered in the official news, we left out a the coverage of it. We concentrated on our database instead by updating them with the new items, dungeons, quests, npc and other stuff.

Event Dungeon: Goonzu World
  • - Event dungeon Goonzu World has been added
    Requires level 90 and above to participate
  • - Goonzu World is located near Pusan in Northeast Asia. It will open from 10pm Friday to 10 pm Sunday weekly.
  • - [Goonzu World Entry Pass] is the key to Goonzu World. This key allows you to enter this dungeon for 2 hours.
  • - To obtain a [Goonzu World Entry Pass], you have to complete quests from NPC [Suspicious Poet] in order to get a [Goonzu World Coupon]. You can trade a [Goonzu World Coupon] for a [Goonzu World Entry pass] through NPC [Ticket Agent Acong].
    NPC [Maid] in Goonzu World will give you quests.
    NPC [Suspicious Poet] and [Maid]’s quests will reset daily.
  • - [Giant Mushroom], [Evil King J], and [Dr. Gon] will be spawned randomly and drop high level items at a high rate.

Goonzu World and its 3 rooms (Tree Lair, Development Office and Dr. Gon's Office) have been added.
The NPC related to this new field: Maid, Suspicious Poet and Ticket Agent Acong, have been added too.
The quest to obtain the Goonzu World Pass will be added as soon as possible, same for the new monsters inside these dungeons.

Individual Dungeon: Lerna’s Labyrinth
  • - Individual Dungeon Lerna’s Labyrinth has been added
  • - This dungeon is for level 105 and above, located within the Cretan Labyrinth.
  • - The key is obtained from Treasure Chests found with Ornate Treasure Maps.
  • - The reward is the choice between a level 105 rare axe or a level 105 rare bow.

Lerna's Labyrinth individual dungeon has been added.
Regarding items: Hydra's Claw is the required key to enter this dungeon. Level 105 weapons Bow of Dark Rage and Dark Lord's Axe are possible rewards.

Scenario Dungeon: Bulguksa
  • - Scenario Dungeon [Bulguksa] has been reborn in Atlantica. Required level is 112.
  • - The big beautiful temple Bulguksa.
    Inside of this temple you will find famous towers Seokgulam and Kakyamuni Buddha, which hide a secret.
    However, Bulguksa has been invaded by mysterious monsters.
    You have to defeat monsters in Bulguksa to help [Kim Dae Sung], who built this place, [Asandal], a talented architect and stonemason, and [Asanyo], who is waiting for her lover [Asandal].
  • - [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] can be obtained at a low rate from monsters in [Bulguksa].

Bulguksa and its 7 rooms (Lotus Flower Garden, Toham-san Atelier , Seokgulam Garden, Kakyamuni Buddha's Grotto, Lotus Pond, Stone Pagoda and Buddha Statue Room) have been added.
The NPC related to this new field: Kim Dae Sung, Asandal and Asanyo, have been added too.
The quests will be added as soon as possible, same for the new monsters inside these high-level dungeons.

Free League
  • - Winning in Free League will award you 3 guild points and losing will give 1 guild point.
  • - If you do not participate in FL for more than 7 days, you will be ranked in the minimum division your level allows.
  • - The daily 1 fame reduction has been changed to scale based on your division.
  • - Every 10 battles in FL, a Proximo’s Supply Box will be delivered to your mail. However, Doppelganger battles are not counted.

Item Proximo’s Supply Box has been added.

  • - You have 20 minutes to register for the Grand Championship.
  • - You can challenge players in the Titan Server. However, you cannot bet.
  • - In addition to the normal chat channels, there will be a Server channel which allows you to chat with players from the same server.
  • - Grand Championships will be held every Sunday at 3am and 3pm PDT.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

Macro Block System
  • - You can report macro users.
    Right click the character and choose “Report”. This requires 100% will.
    A macro block window will open on their screen while item looting. If they fail this window twice, the character will be logged out.
    If the character fails this entire process three times, the account will be permanently suspended. (One count will be removed each day)
  • - If a character has significantly more experience than the level 19 and 29 caps and stays at level 19 or 29, that player cannot obtain any items until the player completes the level up quest.
    However, the character can still obtain quest items.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

PvP Balancing
  • - Physical Damage has been modified.
  • - Max HP calculations have been changed.
  • - Melee type Max mana has been increased while staff type characters Max mana has been decreased.
  • - Difference between equipment has been reduced.
  • - Behavior of bonus scroll rates has been modified.
  • - Turn time limit has been increased to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • - [Storm Bringer] and [Officer’s Shotgun]’s magic [Ice Storm] and [Lightning Bullets]’s damage has been slightly decreased.
  • - Certain spells have been changed
    [Storm Blast]’s combo rate reduction has been increased.
    [Destructive Instinct]’s accuracy has been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    [Warrior’s Rage]’s magic defense has been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    [Devastating Shell]’s defense reduction has been increased.
    [Chaos Edge]’s damage has been increased.
    [Flame Spear], [Scorching Bullet] and [Light Slash]’s damage has been decreased, but the splash damage has been increased.
    [Princess’ Order] now increases accuracy.
    [Princess’ Order] will increase more defense per skill point.
    [Freezing Atmosphere]’s damage and defense reduction have been increased while mana cost has been decreased.
    [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex], and [Hell Flame]’s Vitality reduction has been increased.
    Hero level [Multi Arrow], [Dark Seed], [Wild Shot], [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex] and [Mana Burn]’s splash damage has been increased.
    Hero Joan of Arc’s [Light Slash]’s damage has been decreased while the splash damage has been increased.
    [Divine Slash] and [Hell Flame]’s splash damage has been increased.
    [Noble Sacrifice]’s heal has been slightly decreased and the duration has been decreased from 3 turns to 2 turns.
    [Mana Drain] and [Mana Recharge]’s Action Point cost has been increased from 100 to 120.
    Witch’s [Mana Drain]’s affect has been slightly decreased.
  • - Staff type character’s defense against range/staff type characters has been increased.
  • - Range/Staff type character’s defense against melee type characters has been increased.
  • - Bow’s damage against melee/range type characters has been increased
  • - Melee/Range type characters defense has been increased against Gun type characters.
  • - Defense has been increased against Cannon type characters.

Every patch (minor or major) makes changes that only affect PvP, that's why these info are not noticed on AOP.
However, the following changes also affects PvE: Mana Drain and Mana Recharge's Action Point cost has been increased from 100 to 120.
We still don't know if skills effects (mainly damage) have been modified in PvE too.

  • - Challenge spectator reservations have been added.
  • - Challenge private room mode has been added.
    Private mode -> Using a secret number password, you can create, join or observe a Challenge.
  • - Challenges will be removed after 15 minutes. (Previously 30 minutes)
  • - If the challenge is accepted via the pop-up “Accept Challenge” message, the reward is doubled.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

  • - Maniac’s [Storm Blast]’s effect icon has been added.
  • - Elementalist’s new magic [Blazing Earth] has been added.
    [Blazing Earth] reduces melee’s damage and maximum hp.
    [Blazing Earth] stacks with [Hex of Darkness], [Vortex], and [Hell Flame].
  • - [Ravaging Melody]’s damage has been increased.
  • - A bug which allowed Elementalists to cast Freezing Atmosphere consecutively has been fixed.

Magic skill Blazing Earth added, about no info available yet (added to the Skill data Collector if you want to share).
The related spellbooks -and their crafting information- have been added too: Book: Blazing Earth [Beg], Book: Blazing Earth [Int] and Book: Blazing Earth [Adv],

Individual Dungeon Item Exchange System
  • - NPC Merchant [Mercurius] has been added to Rome’s Bazaar.
  • - You can purchase various individual dungeon rewards from NPC Merchant [Mercurius].
  • - Exchangeable items, which can obtain in individual dungeons, are [Water Dragon Scale], [Insect Shell], [Dust of Death], and [Torn page].

NPC Mercurius has been added. Maybe the trade info will be added as the Guide to Pointry (or an extension to it).

Safety System: Secret Vial of Protection
  • - Item [Secret Vial of Protection] has been added.
  • - While [Secret Vial of Protection] is in use, you will not lose any items if you lose a PK battle.
  • - For 7 days or up to 10 times, your equipment will be protected when someone uses King’s Judgment or PK against you. Each King’s Judgment/PK will cost one usage.
  • - You can obtain this item from the Barter Shop.

Secret Vial of Protection potion added.

  • - [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] can be obtained through NPC [Gambler De Mere].
    [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] will randomly give Phoenix equipment that is sealed by ancient sorcery. It is unsealed by using the repair function which requires an artisan who is skilled enough to unseal it.
  • - You can obtain [Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes] from Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town monsters at a low rate.
  • - The chance of obtaining [Freezing Atmosphere] books has been slightly increased and book [Blazing Earth] has been added to the Modern/Medieval/Ancient Book Box.
  • - You can obtain the Book: Blazing Earth[Beg] from Guild dungeon [Valley of Oblivion]’s monsters.
  • - Babel’s final boss, [Fallen Seraph], now has a chance to drop a [Nimrod Treasure Box].
  • - Nike’s Spellbook now casts Purification instead of Silence.
  • - Scrolls of Purification and Dispel can remove Holy Guard.
  • - You can purchase a Phoenix’s Feather from the Barter shop.
  • - Monsters that drop Giant/Redemption Crystals now drop lesser amounts.
  • - Level 76+ monsters that dropped Ashen Crystals/Jewels have been changed to other drops.
  • - Level 75-84 monster that dropped Topaz has been changed to other drops.
  • - [Glorious Wings of Light] and [Dark Mercury Rider] can be sold in Market and My store.
  • - The elements needed for crafting gear have been slightly increased, but other required items have been decreased.
  • - The Q indicator for quest items is now yellow.
  • - Fishing Maniac and Strategist titles now have buffs.
  • - NPC [Gambler De Mere] now requires gold (fee) based on the number of boxes traded.
  • - NPC [Wildcat] will trade you back at least a +8 item. (Previously +7)
  • - New Regional products have been added in Vancouver and Guangzhou’s Trading Posts.
  • - Ores with the ‘Refined’ prefix no longer have this prefix. (Ex. Refined Iron Ore -> Iron Ore)
  • - Craft ingredients that are no longer used will be exchanged for items that are used.
    Holly -> Ginseng, Mandrake Root -> Dogwood Fruit, Eucalyptus -> Green Mold
    Valerian -> Deer Antler, Hyssop -> Peppermint, Ginger -> Willow Bark, Coriander -> Chrysanthemum
    Angelica -> Jasmine, Lamb’s Ear -> Laurel, Anise -> Cyclamen
  • - Independent Mercenary item requests and item rewards have been changed.
  • - [Hydra’s Claw], the key to the Lerna’s Labyrinth, drops from Treasure Chests found with Ornate Treasure Maps.
  • - Animations have been added to indicate item use delay time.
  • - You can trade Fishing points for Accessory Enchant Stone[Pre].

Sealed Phoenix Equipment Box added.
Blazing Earth books and Goncourt's boxes have been added.
Strategist and Fishing Maniac titles buff have been implemented.
Accessory Enchant Stone[Pre] added to Pointry Point Exchange guide (2,000 Fishing points).
Refined Iron Ore and Refined Mithril Ore, Refined Mithril and Refined Steel don't have the "Refined" prefix anymore, but old urls remain valid.
Refined Iron Ingot, have been deleted.
Following medicine items have been replaced:
Holly -> Ginseng, Mandrake Root -> Dogwood Fruit, Eucalyptus -> Green Mold, Valerian -> Deer Antler, Hyssop -> Peppermint, Ginger -> Willow Bark, Coriander -> Chrysanthemum, Angelica -> Jasmine, Lamb’s Ear -> Laurel, Anise -> Cyclamen

  • - Resurrected Legendary Viking’s axe has been enlarged.
  • - Monsters and NPCs that were too big for the display box in Monster and NPC Info have been changed to fit in the window.
  • - As the Cretan Labyrinth has been revised, the monster locations have been changed.
  • - Constantinople Palace Bailey’s [Lost Elephant] and [Violent Elephant]’s critical rate and HP have been increased.
  • - Hanging Gardens of Babylon’s Shadow region monsters’ critical rate and attack power have been slightly increased.
  • - Yggdrasil’s Seal monsters’ critical rate has been slightly increased and Valkyrie monsters’ defense, HP, and critical rate have been increased.
  • - Constantinople’s [Byzantine Warrior] and [Byzantine Captain]’s critical rate has been slightly increased.
  • - [White Tiger], [Desert Fox], [Wild Horse], [Wasteland Desperado], [Female Alpaca], [White Striped Tapir], [Fierce Saber-Tooth Tiger], and [Brutal Saber-Tooth Tiger]’s magic attribute has been changed and difficulty has been increased.
  • - Sea of Clouds Tower, Training Rooms 1-4 spawn fewer monsters.
  • - When level 100+ characters are fighting with lower level monsters, obtained experience has been increased. (reduced penalty)

Contributors to Monster database are updating the data, but it's a long-term work.

  • - The quest “The Pretender’s Love” in Dallas Lawless District has been added.
    NPC [James the Pretender] has been added near the Bloody Dust Bar. (Level 100+)
  • - Constantinople through Detroit main quests’ reward items grade has been increased.
  • - Title quests reward you with experience and gold.
  • - A new title has been added. (NPC [Thalia], level 96+)
  • - Level limits have been added to the following title quests:
    From NPC [Kleio] Title: Cursed Swordsman (Level 1 -> level 50)
    From NPC [Kleio] Title: Gambler (level 1 -> level 60)
    From NPC [Calliope] Title: Hand of God (level 1-> level 50)
    From NPC [Pandora] Title: Deathproof (level 1 -> level 100)
    From NPC [Thalia] Title: Blessed (level 1 -> level 90)
    From NPC [Thalia] Title: Night Ruler (level 1 -> level 100)
  • - Destiny of Marduk Quest: Kill 30 [Slave Archers] -> 20. Kill 40 [Priestesses of Ishtar] -> 30.
  • - Mariette Quest: Kill 40 [Stone Sphinxes] -> 25.
  • - Dark Archer Quest: Gather 15 [Immortal Hearts] -> 5 [Immortal Hearts]
  • - Final reward from Mummy’s Curse Quest has been changed from [Armor Enhance Stone[Adv]] to 2 [Silver Boxes]
  • - Dispatcher Francis’s Quest: reward has been changed from 2 [Osiris’s Equipment Boxes] to 3 [Historia Supplies].

All these quests are been implemented or updated. Contributors will complete the new ones as soon as possible.

  • - The Chitose Shrine has been added to the area near Sapporo.
    You can start the quest by visiting NPC [Amano] near the Chitose Shrine. (Must be lv. 86 to start the quest)
    There, you can learn the story of a shaman who has lost her voice and ability to dance and Warrior Amano, who is completely infatuated with her.
    The shaman exclusive item, Noble Staff, will be rewarded to those that complete the quest.
  • - Atlantica Journey Quests have been added.
    Atlantica Journey Quests are daily quests that give you a mission to explore the world’s historical sites and you can choose to repeat these quests every day.
    Northeast Asia – Dispatcher Flora has been placed near Shanghai. (Lv. 15 and above)
    Southeast Asia - Dispatcher Sryla has been placed near Kathmandu. (Lv. 30 and above)
    Southern Europe - Dispatcher Edward has been placed near Athens, (Lv. 60 and above)
    Northern Europe - Dispatcher Mario has been placed near Berlin. (Lv. 90 and above)
    Upon the completion of each quest, you will be rewarded with the choice of a Cultural Item, which can be exchanged for other items through Appraiser Howard Carter, or Historia Seals.
  • - Historia Seal Quests have been added.
    Through NPCs near the areas of Mohenjodaro Graveyard, Bran Castle, Cretan Labyrinth, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, you can acquire Historia Seals. You can exchange Historia Seals for valuable item boxes from Collector Barteau.
  • - Three Adlivun sub-quests have been added.
    Near Adlivun, quests can be started through the following NPCs: Amaqjuat, Atanarjuat, and Chief Notoqchen. The minimum level requirement is 98.
  • - Title: Brave Chief has been added.
    You can receive [Inuit Tribe’s Signs] from NPC Notoqchen, the chief of Frozen Adlivun, which can be used to receive the title from NPC Thalia near Athens.

Two new titles have been added (Brave Chief and Collectomaniac).
The described quests, NPCs and items (including the reward item (Noble Staff).

Repair System
  • - We are introducing a new type of repair system, which will replace our old repair system.
    It costs 100% Will to repair equipment.
    When Artisans of a craft repairs an item of their craft’s type, the maximum durability will not be decreased.
    You can use the [Request Repair] function to have another person repair the equipment for you. You can begin by clicking on the artisan list to find an artisan that can repair the item for you.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

  • - Tribute is now 10 million times the nation level.
  • - The tooltip for Items stored in the nation’s warehouse has information on the character who took the item.
  • - If you are victorious in war, all the items stored in the losing nation’s warehouse will be acquired and stored in the victorious nation’s warehouse.
    In the case that many nations are victorious over another nation, the items stored in the losing nation’s warehouse will be split evenly among the victorious nations.
    When war has been declared, no one can remove from the warehouse. Also, you can’t store items if the warehouse is full.
  • - Dismantling buildings in your guild’s town now costs a fee.
    To dismantle structures in town (houses, farms, etc.), 50% of the cost of the building has to be paid from the town funds.
    If you don’t have enough funds, you cannot dismantle the building.
  • - You cannot delete the Bank from the Town Menu.
  • - When a wandering resident disappears, the population of its destination town will increase at a low rate.
  • - The experience and guild points awarded upon the completion of guild/town quests are increased. (Excludes battle guild/town quests)
  • - Town Rating (Ex. Security, Health, etc.) obtainable upon the completion of town quests has been lowered.
  • - When you level up your crafting skill, only the last level up info will be displayed.
  • - +2 ~ +4 enchant success message will be announced to friends, guild members, mentor/apprentice, and referrers only.
  • - New rule has been applied to Whisper function.
    Players below lv. 30 now have limitations on how many whispers they can send.
  • - Wandering residents will now always include at least 50 residents.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

Sparring Hall
  • - The Lv. 109 sparring hall mercenaries now can use upgraded main character’s magic.
  • - Lv. 119 opponents have been added to Rome>Sparring Hall

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

  • - New Category function has been added to the inventory window to display items by category.
  • - Town’s Controlling Guild name will be displayed in Game Info - Town Info - Town’s Controlling Guild. And the towns without controlling guild will be displayed at the top.
  • - Town Control Expiration Date for all towns will be displayed in Game Info - Town Info - Town’s Controlling Guild. And the towns without controlling guild will be displayed on top.
  • - The problems in which the Monster Info and Character Info interface went out of the display window have been fixed.
  • - Particle Effect and Show Accessory options have been added to System – Settings - Graphics.
  • - Once a player uses a Scroll of Bewitching to recruit a monster into a party, the monster will automatically join the battle even if the monster was not engaged in battle with the player from the beginning.
  • - Fixed a problem in which clicking on a window (any location outside of the NPC dialogue box), the character moved to the clicked location once the dialogue box closes.
  • - Fixed a problem which moves a character to a different location by clicking outside of the inventory in attempts to get rid of an item.
  • - Fixed a problem which moves a character to a different location while toggling the camera by using left mouse click and drag.
  • - Fixed a problem with shoes not having the same moving speed regardless of their enchant level.

Nothing which concerns AOP there.

  • - The maximum number of observers has been increased to 300.
  • - A mercenary with items or equipment in their possession cannot be fired.
  • - Weekly Championship will now take place only on Saturday. Once at 03:00:00 another at 15:00:00 PDT/PST.
  • - If you do not complete NPC [Hu Xue-yan]’s quest, your main cannot level up beyond 29.
  • - The price of leasing C and B class mercenaries from Proximo has been reduced and the interface has been changed.
  • - Cretan Labyrinth has been redesigned.
  • - The location of NPC [Pasiphae] and [Chardin] has been slightly changed.
  • - The location of NPC [Dispatcher Hughes] has been slightly changed.
  • - Object mapping in outdoor central Asia has been changed.
  • - A new Town, Guangzhou, has been added.
  • - The portal to Southeast Asia India from Northeast Asia has been moved northwest of Hong Kong.
  • - A small harbor has been added near the portal from Sapporo to Beijing.
  • - My Store and Trades can trade up to 20 billion gold.
  • - A turing test system has been implemented at login after the server selection screen.

Cretan Labyrinth maps have been updated, monster locations too (still in progress).
Town Guangzhou added to Northeast Asia.
Continent maps have been updated.

- You can no longer craft Iron Ore, Iron Ingot, and Mithril Ore with Tool Crafting.
- The materials need for [Secrets of Time: Betrayer] have been increased.
- The Crafting Levels for [Secrets of Time: Murat] and [Secrets of Time: Mustafa] have been decreased to Lv. 47. The workload has also been decreased according to the Crafting Level.
- The Crafting workload for 8 of Quest crafting items has been decreased.
Sail, Training Whip, Sedative, Fish Stew, Power Bead, Hanging Gardens Map, Special Beaker, and Shining Crystal Marble

Iron Ore, Iron Ingot, and Mithril Ore crafts have been deleted.
Crafting info for licences Secrets of Time: Betrayer, Secrets of Time: Murat and Secrets of Time: Mustafa have been updated.
Craft database has been fully updated.


Other changes/additions (not directly specified in the patch note):

Atlantica Online Chapter II: Patch Update Of Feb. 18

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Posted 02/19/2009 - 11:23 by Admin Muwing

On February, 18th, Ndoors updated Atlantica Online with a new patch whose notes are available in the news section of the official site.

This major update, called "Chapter II" (Evolution in Korea), brings a lot of new content.
Let's review this patch, with the updates made on AOP.

New Main Character Classes

  • Musician
    • The Musician, armed with a guitar and light armor, can play music to strike two enemies in a line.
    • The Musician’s Ravaging Melody magic helps players’ attack by decreasing enemies’ Attack Power, defense, and health.
  • Maniac
    • The power saw-wielding Maniac can attack enemies in a row.
    • The Maniac’s Storm Blast magic causes severe damage and lowers enemies’ might.
    • The Maniac can only be created after you have reached Lv. 100

Main Musician and Main Maniac have been added, their skills too even if we have poor info about them.
All Instruments and Power Saws are available too.
That means these new characters can be used in the Character Simulator and the Formation Builder.

New Mercenary
The Elementalist is a new B-Class mercenary, and when upgraded becomes Pocahontas.
The Elementalist can be recruited from NPC Wise Orenda near the Eternal Ravine in North America; must be at least Lv. 100 to take on this quest.

Elementalist mercenary was already available on AOP, but the quest info and NPC Wise Orenda have been added.

Mercenary Lease System
Players can now lease up to 2 mercenaries for Free Leagues, from NPC Proximo in Rome, near the fountain.
When leasing mercenaries, can give them all skills for a set fee.

NPC Gladiator Proximo added.

New Main Character-Only Magic

  • Sword: [Chaos Edge]: Damages an enemy with a blade of darkness; enemies who are affected by Brutal Will or Seth’s Will takes additional damage.
  • Axe: [Warrior’s Rage]: Overpowers enemies in a burst of rage.
  • Spear: [Flame Spear]: Cause severe damage in a cross pattern.
  • Cannon: [Devastation Shell]: Devastates enemy formations with a deadly cannonball.
  • Gun: [Scorching Bullets]: Burns enemies with scorching bullets; enemies who are affected by Deep Insight or Smoke Bomb takes additional damages.
  • Bow: [Arrow Cascade]: Strikes enemies with a volley of arrows.
  • Staff: [Flame Blow]: Burns enemies with a scorching flame.

All these skills have been added in the database, but we only have poor info about them at the moment.

Equipment Exchange
NPC Wild Cat in Rome will exchange your grade 10 equipment of Lv. 70 or higher for a higher level equipment at grade 7 or higher.
A Oriharukon Enhance stone is required for the exchange.

NPC Wild Cat added.

New Quests

  • Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town: A new dungeon for the main storyline, Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town, has been added for players Lv. 115-plus. To begin the quest, players must go to the NPC Wuma near Chang An.
  • Lijiang Women’s Village: This main storyline quest for players Lv. 108-plus starts with the NPC Cheng-Lin located southwest of Central Asia.
  • Sea of Clouds Tower: This main character upgrade quest for players Lv. 100-plus has been added so that players’ main characters can learn a main-only skill. This quest can be obtained through NPC Monk Dingxian.
  • Human Heritage I: This sub-quest for players Lv. 65-plus in the Valley of the Kings is to help the NPC Dispatcher Francis, located near Cairo.
  • Additional Quest Info:
    • Sima Quan’s Greeting quest has been added for players Lv. 20.
    • NPC Chu Lian and NPC Tai Hua Gong quests have been added.
    • NPC Dispatcher Hughes’ quest has been added.
    • Lost Saqqaq Tribe has been added for Lv. 98-plus players.
    • The title of Terminator has been added from NPC Thalia.
    • NPC Mystery Acong has been added in front of Rome. Smoked Salmon (from the item mall) is used to exchange various items from Mystery Acong. Players, who must be Lv. 70 or above, can exchange Smoked Salmon only once.

Related NPCs and fields have been added. Quest logs will wait for the staff members to level or new high level players to help us.

New Dungeons

  • Alcatraz Prison: This 7-character Nation Dungeon, located near Vancouver, is now available to the King who controls Vancouver; the King will receive the Key of Alcatraz in his/her mailbox. The rewards for this dungeon include the Prison Officer’s Safe, from which the rare Officer’s Shotgun can be obtained.
  • Valley of Oblivion: This Guild Dungeon is in North American and can be activated with the Cube of Amnesia, which can be purchased from the NPC Pointry with guild points. The rewards for this dungeon include the Evil Protector’s Box, from which Elementalist quest items and the rare Storm Bringer can be obtained. To enter the Eternal Ravine, players must first obtain the Cube Shard from the monsters in the Room of Cubes sub-dungeon in the Valley of Oblivion.
  • Sealed Tower of Darkness: This Individual Dungeon for Lv. 101-plus players must be activated with the Sealed Black Key, obtained from NPC Pointry with battle points. The entrance is through Bran Castle: 2F; the time limit is 40 hours. The Sealed Tower of Darkness is connected to other dungeons, so when players kill a boss, they can obtain a key for another dungeon. The rewards include Nosferatu’s Equipment Box.

These fields have been added, with their pictures. See the fields page.
Related keys and equipment boxes too.

Birthday System

  • A character’s birthday can be found in My Info > Character > Birthday Info.
  • A birthday notice mail will be sent 15 days, 7 days, and 1 day before, as well as the day of, your main character’s birthday.
  • The NPC Birthday Gift-giving Acong near Bordeaux will give you a Gift Box the day before and on your main character’s birthday.
  • Your main character and mercenaries will automatically level up to the next level on your main character’s birthday.

NPC Birthday Acong added.


  • All monetary rewards have been doubled.
  • Lower division XP book rewards have been increased.
  • The reward for participating in a Weekly Championship has been increased to 1 Atlantis Gold Coin.
  • Players will no longer receive Power-Up licenses for winning in the Free Leagues.
  • Rewards for observers have been added.
  • Turn time limit has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.

Nothing which concerns AOP.


  • Nations can now gain experience points to level up.
  • Only Nations above Lv. 5 may use King’s Judgment.
  • Nations now have a Nation Storage; storage size will depend on the Nation’s level.
  • Storage can be accessed from NPC Caesar > Nation List > Nation Storage.
  • Guild/Town quests now yield more experience and guild points
  • New quests have been added
  • Manager’s Scrolls can be used only 5 times in a day.
  • When a player below Lv. 30 sends mail, he/she will expend 50% Will (does not apply to friend/guild/mentor/referrer mails).
  • View your referrals from a new menu accessible via Community > Referral.
  • When a friend levels up beyond 50, you will gain additional experience for up to hour( previously it was 10 minutes).
  • Referrals will no longer give points upon registration; points are given after they hit level 30.

Pointry Point Exchange Guide updated.


  • These new medicines can now be crafted: Alchemist’s Stone, Origin of Darkness. and Jiuyodian.
  • A new tool, Enriched Adamantium Ingot, can now be crafted.
  • Skill books for the Maniac’s and Musician’s magic skills can now be crafted.

Medicine items: Alchemist’s Stone, Origin of Darkness, Jiuyodian and Secret Vial of Stability have been added, including icons and crafting information. Some foods too (not specified in the patch).
Enriched Adamantium Ingot has been added the same way, but it's a mineral, crafted using the tool skill.
All the new books related to Maniac and Musician have been added too.
By the way, the patch don't mention that all mid-high level equipment crafts have been changed (materials, and workloads), the craft database has been updated as a consequence. That means the data you see in the item pages and used in the Craft Calculator are right.


  • Lv. 113 equipment, Phoenix’s Equipment, has been added.
  • Players will now receive a message with how many boxes they can open for the remainder of the day after every 10 box uses (Note: trading a book with Goncourt counts as a box use).
  • Licenses and spell books have been deleted from the Mercenary’s Wooden Box, Mercenary’s Bronze Box, and Mercenary’s Steel box.
  • The drop list of Guard Towers and Generators in Guild/Nation Dungeons have been modified to match the mid-boss drops from that dungeon.
  • Buff books from Guild/Nation Dungeons Tower of Babel, Ghost Shop of the Caribbean and Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi have had their expiration times removed.
  • The Immortal Hearts requirement for the Dark Archer quest has been reduced.
  • Scroll of Confusion has had its casting time increased to 3 turns.
  • Players must be at Lv. 20 or above to use De Mere’s Equipment Box Roulette.
  • A maximum of 50,000 elements can be obtained when dismantling equipment.
  • Players can now receive Flame Elements instead of Sea Elements when dismantling depraved equipment.
  • Quest items now have a “Q” mark on their icon.

Various info on AOP have been modified as a consequence.
161 new items have been added into AOP database with this update (with their icons, and crafting data when available).


  • Disguised Tlaltecuhtli’s magic has been changed from Magic Defense to Resurrect.
  • Bewitching Succubus Queen’s magic has been changed.
  • Temptation seduces the enemies to stop attacking.
  • Davy Jones’ True Form and Incarnation of Davy Jones have been changed to have their attack based on the number of mobs surrounding them.
  • Yggdrasil 2F monsters’ basic attack has increased.
  • Yggdrasil Seal Monsters’ critical attack has increased.
  • Sedna’s maximum health points and magic defense have been decreased while her basic attack has increased.
  • Giustiniani’s magic has been changed and his maximum health points have been decreased.
  • Marksburg Castle’s Great Sorceress’s magic has been changed.

Monsters have been updated.
New monsters will be added with the new dungeons, as soon as the staff will get (full) info about them.


  • The Mercenary Room has been increased from 10 slots to a maximum of 20.
  • The Extended Material Bag has been increased to hold 4 rows, up from 2; the interface has been changed, as well.
  • Blessing Potions and Auto-Search Licenses can be turned on and off by going to My Info > Character > Effect; however, the duration time will keep running.
  • You can now turn passive magic on or off, by going to My Info > Skills > Magic.
  • Uncheck Auto-Battle to turn off; check Auto-Battle to turn on.

Nothing which concerns AOP, except the Blessing Potion icon which changed.

World Environment

  • Vancouver has been added to North America
  • New York and Vancouver are now up for bidding
  • New battle maps have been added in the southern area of Northeast Asia and Valley of Oblivion near North America.
  • Rome has a new place called the Library, where Shakespeare will stay.
  • Plaza of the Dead, Frozen Adlivun, Terrace of Light, and Terrace of Darkness’s maps have been improved.
  • Central Asia outdoors has been updated.

Various info on AOP have been modified as a consequence, including World Maps

Mount Book

  • The Mount Book is accessible through Game Info > Mount Book.
  • Mounts can now be stored, just like the warehouse.
  • There is a service fee of 100,000 gold per mount stored.
  • Storing mounts will generate Collection Points every day.
  • You can use Collection Points to purchase items from NPC Pointry.

Pointry Point Exchange Guide updated ; new Mercury Rider mount added too.

Mercury Rider

General Changes and Bug Fixes

  • 3 new hairstyles have been added: Long Wave, Afro and Rasta
  • Players can now send mail in bulk to their Nations, Guilds, and Friends for a fixed price (500,000 for nations, 100,000 for guilds, and 50,000 for friends).
  • The launcher has been updated.
  • Betting amounts have been increased by 5 times.
  • The number of items you can sell in the market increases at level 90 and every 10 levels thereon.
  • Players can now choose to hide their weapon.
  • The Challenge button will no longer flash while in battle.
  • My Store categories are now alphabetized.
  • The Experience Obtained window while in a party has been modified.
  • Quiz Room management is now implemented.
  • The Trading Post system has been added; with each town's Trading Post selling and trading regional products; prices will fluctuate based on the products’ availability.
  • You must buy the Trade Permission item from the market for a fixed price before you can buy and sell regional products.

Nothing which concerns AOP, except the Trade Permission fixed price (1,000,000 gold).

Atlantica Online: Patch Update Of Jan. 21

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Posted 01/22/2009 - 18:11 by Admin Muwing

Yesterday (Jan. 21), Ndoors updated Atlantica Online with a new patch whose notes are available in the news section of the official site.

As usually, AOP has been updated too, so as to match the latest evolution of the game.

Mana Shield

  • A new magic skill, Mana Shield, can now be cast by Staff mains.
  • Book: Mana Shield can now be purchased at the market for a fixed price.

The skill Mana Shield has been added, the books (Book: Mana Shield [Beg] and Book: Mana Shield [Int] too, including crafting information for the second one.
Of course, Main staff characters created with the Character Simulator can also learn this new skill.

Quest Bonuses

  • Upon completion of a quest, players above Lv. 94 will now receive bonus experience (1% of the required experience to level up) up to 3 times a day.
    • Mercenaries will receive bonus experience relative to their level.

An evolution which should contribute to reduce (a bit) the big experience gap after lvl 95.
Nothing to change in AOP.


  • Two new Constantinople Battlefield sub-quests (Lv. 96+), Battlefield Betrayer and Fausta’s Escape, have been added.
    • Battlefield Betrayer: Players will be rewarded with Conqueror’s Equipment Box for each stage cleared and also receive Gaius’ Treasure Box as the final reward. Gaius is located in Constantinople Palace Bailey.
    • Fausta’s Escape: Players must choose either the Title Acquisition Quest item or Conqueror’s Equipment Box as their final reward upon completion. Fausta is located in Constantinople Palace Bailey.
  • Main quest-line rewards for Constantinople Battlefield and Frozen Adlivun have been upgraded.
  • Increased quest item drop rate and quantity for Constantinople Battlefield.
  • Increased Machine Lubricant drop rate and quantity for Recruiting Inventor quest.
  • Reduced the required number of Veteran Snipers and Luxurious Clocks for the Dark Archer quest to 10.

The Quests section (still unachieved) will be updated as a consequence.
By the way, both Betrayer and Fausta licenses (used to reset related quest) have been added, with their crafting information.

Buff System

  • Six new titles have been added.
    • New titles can be obtained through individual dungeons and new sub-quests.
    • Players must complete the prerequisite Priest title quest to start the Divine Punisher title quest.

Kiena updated her Guide to Titles as a consequence.


  • Free Leagues division brackets have been changed: Div. 18-17 – Lv. 20-29; Div. 16-15 – Lv. 20-39; Div. 14-13 – Lv. 30-49; Div. 12 – Lv. 40-59; Div. 11 – Lv. 50-69; Div. 10 – Lv. 60-79; Div. 9 – Lv. 70-89; Div. 8 – Lv. 80-99; Div. 7 – Lv. 90-109; Div. 6 – Lv. 95-119; Div. 5-1 – Lv. 100-120.
  • Your division will not change.
  • Players can neither advance above nor fall below their level bracket.


  • Players can now view guild members’ last login information from Guild Office > Manage Guild > Members.
  • Buff information will now be displayed to guild members each time their guild increases in level.

Great modifications too (especially the last point related to PvP).
Nothing to change in AOP.


  • Book of Expertise has been added to the game, which allows you to obtain 1,000,000 Workload. Book of Expertise can be obtained from Goncourt by trading 10 Books of Craftsmanship.
  • The required quantity to exchange Book of Experience [Adv] and Normal Crafting Secrets has been lowered from 20 books to 10.
  • The book exchange fee has been raised to 10,000 gold for crafting and experience books.
  • The icons for Legendary Viking’s Spirit Stone, Immortal Spirit Stone, and Dust of Death have been changed.
  • The maximum number of scrolls that can be used in a monster battle has been increased from 2 times to 3 times. The maximum number of scrolls that can be used in PvP competition remains unchanged at 2.

The new books have been added within the Items database


  • Crafting skills under “My Info” have been sorted to list highest skills first.
  • Craft Items have been sorted to list highest levels first.
  • Skill experience points gained from dismantling equipment have been adjusted. Higher grades will now result in more skill experience points.

User crafting skills (in the My craft settings) are now sorted by name instead of old Atlantica Online specific order.
We still ignore the experience earned while dismantling high grade equipment (old formula was 1 xp every 500 workload points).

General Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Expanded the size of China in the Northeast Asia Map to proper scale.
    • The locations of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, and the Sea Palace have been moved to be correctly represented on the map.
    • The locations of NPCs Hu Xue-yan, Zang Heng, Zhao Gao, Sun Bin, and Cai Lun have been changed.
  • Additional background music has been added to the general map, boss dungeons, Yggdrasil, and Northern Europe.

Northeast Asia map has been updated.

Additionnal notes

  • Rainmaker mercenary has been renamed as Elementalist. Old links to Rainmaker stay valid, and will redirect to Elementalist
  • I also added three new item categories: Clothes, Decoration and Hair Accessory
  • Related items have been added (Jiangshi equipment...) into database, and are usable by the Character Simulator (main character only)
  • Character Simulator has been updated as a consequence to version beta 2.1, including all the bug fixes since yesterday
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