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level 100 upgrade quests

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I just went through the main upgrade questline and noticed that you are missing tasks 11-17. I would happily provide the information, but would like to know how you prefer me to do that. Also, for the Fake Thousand-Hand Guan you are missing it's magic skill, which is called Catastrophic Smite.

The Dark Archer questline information is incomplete as well. I am only up to part 10 of this questline and don't expect to get any further for a while because I need to get to level 2 of Marksburg Castle and I'm the only one in my guild that's able to survive there. But, I am also happy to give you the information I do have.

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level 100 upgrade quests

Hello Morrolon,

Thanks for your help, at least 2 staff members are doing these quests, but don't know when they complete them.

So I gave you access to the Quest Editor, where you can add the parts you ever did.

PS: Catastrophic Smite magic added too.


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