Complete Guide to Main Characters

How to Choose Your Main Character
Main characters preview

If you aren't quite sure which weapon to choose for your main character, this guide will provide more information in order to make the decision easier.

If you are already an expert player, reading this guide will surely be useless to you. At the same time, players with a specific objective in mind (ie: becoming the King of Free League) may find it easier to consult a more specialized or specific guide.

Others, beginners or more advanced players in the search of inspiration for their new character, will benefit from this series of articles by keeping an open and critical mind. This guide will speak more about player feelings, qualities, and flaws inherent in each class, along with some hints to negate or lessen these flaws. They should help you find the character that you not only like, but the character that corresponds to your playing style, instead of the supposedly ultimate and perfect character that you will not enjoy playing.


After this introduction, this guide will take on the seven classes of main characters that Atlantica Online proposes, defined by the main weapon they use.


After a short presentation, each character will be described in three different aspects:

Finally, a conclusion will summarize the collected ideas, along with a summary table at the end.

Characters' Appearances

As opposed to mercenaries, one can choose their gender and appearance (face, hair color, etc.), which can be changed later through the NPC Oracle in Rome, how ever expensive it may be.
The choices are limited, a common criticism of MMORPGs, or, more specifically, F2P games. In the case of Atlantica Online, it is much less important, since the eyes or hair color you pick is not for your one and only character, as you are able to lead a whole team of mercenaries (up to eight) as well.

character-creation-female character-creation-male

Equipment adds an additional personalization factor, since it varies by level and class:

Moreover, there are different weapons for each class (along with a nice glow effect when they are improved), and shields that only swordsmen can wear (some mercenaries can, too, but they don't display them). Also, a feature common in recent MMORPGs, high level characters can get various mounts (horses, elephants, and other creatures) which increase movement speed and defense.

Stats and Characteristics

For a short presentation of each character, and to compare their basic characteristics, you can refer to the following page of the site, Main Characters, and use the Character Simulator so you can get an idea of how your character will look at various levels.

What you must remember is that main characters can equip items, even types of items, such as mounts, unavailable to mercenaries. We can expect many more items of this type in the future, since the game includes slots for necklace, head, face, and cape.

The specific weapons and rings are very powerful, and compensate for the rigidity of the basic stats (while those of the mercenaries can upgrade on levels 20, 50, 80 and 100). Besides, you have to put these basic stats into perspective. If a difference of 30 points represents 10% at the beginning, it's two times less than that at the end of the game. The Character Simulator will help you with that, particularly with defense, which becomes huge during higher levels.

Furthermore, it's important to take the evolution of the game into consideration. If you're a veteran in the universe of MMORPGs, you know how balance can change with a single patch. Atlantica Online still is a young game, and we can strategize a better gameplay in the future, especially with main characters who are not stuck to their attributes, contrary to mercenaries with their precise upgrades and more limited choice of gear.

Now, let us enter into the core with the first subject of study: the Axe (Coming soon...)

Complete Guide to Main Characters: Bow

Inspired by the [ao:mercenary]Archer[/ao] mercenary, this class shares, with the [ao:character]Staff[/ao], the lowest vitality (220), along with the weakest defense (225), even if the latter grows more than magic characters with equipment. As it can be seen, this class is not made for fighting on the front line, nor in the middle..
Character Str Int Dex Vit Def M.Def
Main Bow 190 250 310 220 225 306
Archer Mercenary (level 1) 160 230 220 140 180 250
Hero Cassandra (level 100) 246 363 288 294 660 450

Their stats include good dexterity (310, curiously less than gun characters), a suitable magic defense (306), and, more importantly, a very useful skill at any level, [ao:skill]Silence[/ao].

Bow characters attack often, consuming a lot of Action Power, and rarely miss their target, their immense dexterity providing great accuracy to them, starting at level 1. Their damage, however, is very irregular. Indeed, the range of the attack power of the bows is very wide, so their critical hits could easily kill an enemy, while their poor attacks may barely scratch an enemy. Like all long range classes, their capacity to aim any enemy makes them a pleasant class to play.

Leveling: Very Good

The Bow gains experience quite easily, probably as well as Gun, but less than Cannon. Contrary to those classes, however, the Bow can only shoot one target at a time, and thus gains less experience per turn. Although, they have more Action Power and, most importantly, make more damage on the target concerned. Without any doubt, it is the best character to use against wounded monsters, particularly the cheating ones which hide behind other monsters in the mob and the bonus monsters, which give much more EXP. Using arrows, even though they are not required, improves this aspect of the Bow.

Main Character : Female Bow
Main bow screenshot

On the other hand, and this is the only reason why I believe their leveling is simply very good, and not excellent, they are fragile and die rather quickly if the front line falls, or if the enemies can also shoot past the front line. Three things will help you overcome this disadvantage:

Despite these tips, it's still possible to die occasionally, which can be very painful if you're farming in a distant dungeon without a teleportation license.

PvE: Fairly Good Solo; Very Good Party

There are some constraints in PvE in general for the Bow, namely that they must be well surrounded if they wish to survive all situations. That's also why it is more pleasant to play in a party than solo.

character-main-bow-female character-main-bow-male

Not to mention, your fellow party members will love you for your Silence, almost essential to any group that wants to be effective. There are no other comparable skills that neutralize a full line of enemies with extremely awkward skills, like Curse of Darkness. Similarly, their ability to shoot anywhere can help finish off or stun wounded monsters. Moreover, this orientation is undoubtedly purposefully put in by the Atlantica creators, as the Bow also has a very interesting skill in party, just like all long-range mains, Chaos Wind. Useless in solo, it forms a combo with melee characters' Break Down, to create the accurately named Destructive Wind. This skill is also available to the Gun and the Staff, who are also able to strike flying monsters with a basic attack, which proves to be practical, without becoming essential. However, the Bow's basic attack tends to become weaker in later levels, especially because arrows do not add a lot of Attack Power.

PvP: Average

In PvP, the Bow's skill is much more mitigated, but not enough to be considered poor. Admittedly, Silence proves to be useful whatever the opposing formation, but it is their single asset there. By the way, this ability can't hit the back or middle rows until the front enemy falls down. The average damage of bows are too weak to make up for the difference, unless they are able to have a good critical (unfortunately, this is very rare).

Archer casting Silence
Archer screenshot

However, good Valhalla's Bow, combined with the best arrows, can make up an appreciable part of that damage. In order to make up for the rest, the Bow's vitality increases during later levels, provided that they use quality gear (mount and so on). This applies to all main characters, partially thanks to the items which are reserved for them. To equip a guardian instead of arrows can also prove to be a wise choice.


If I had to summarize the Bow in a single word, it would be the irregularity, similar to how the wind can divert arrows shot from a bow.

When you're lucky (good critical hits, evading dangerous attacks), this character can be very skillful, including in PvP. Their skill Silence does not have any equivalent and proves very useful in any circumstance, especially since higher level players rarely keep an Archer mercenary (very fragile and surpassed by the Prophet). On the other hand, it can be very frustrating at the times that they do not reach their full potential, causing people to feel as if they have made a bad choice in picking the Bow as their main character.

In short, this character is for players who like risk and uncertainty!


  • Capable of the best
  • Very nice in party
  • Silence


  • Capable of the worst
  • Fragile
  • Low average damage, even in highest levels

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Complete Guide to Main Characters: Cannon

Inspired by the [ao:mercenary]Artilleryman[/ao] mercenary (not Cannoneer), this other Long Range character is quite the opposite of the Archer. The Cannon has great versatility, which can be seen in their important regularity.
Character Str Int Dex Vit Def M.Def
Main Cannon 200 270 200 240 250 311
Artilleryman (level 1) 200 220 160 210 200 275
Hero Napoleon (level 100) 310 342 235 331 330 275

Their basic statistics are noticeably balanced, since they benefit, in particular, from not only the best vitality among all Long Range class, but also the best defense. This class, although a bit low, does not have anything dramatic, especially during higher levels. It is the only Main able to hit five targets (cross) at once with a basic attack, using cannons, which offer the smallest range of Attack Powerin the whole game (meaning they have a steady damage rate).

Their [ao:skill]Deep Insight[/ao] ability makes it possible to see the enemy's health, graciously allowing players to do so without purchasing an expensive Health Check License. On the other hand, this skill inflicts low damage, but it also debuffs the opponents, reducing their Defense. You'll also enjoy seeing your character begin to hit more and more enemies at once as you level from 20 to 50.

Because of all of this, the Cannon is an excellent member of their formation, as they are very stable and useful to play as a Main. There is a small downside, however. Their Action Power is rather weak, which is reasonable for a character that can hit so many targets. You must plan out your shots in order for them to be effective.

Leveling: Excellent

Because they can hit five targets at the same time, the Cannon gains experience very quickly. It may not be like that for your first few levels, but that's because the mobs lack of a large amount of enemies and you are using a weak weapon. Once the mobs' formations start containing eight or nine monsters, you can get a decent cannon (starting from level 15), and you'll be able to level quickly. Your weapon is very important here, contrary to single-target characters, as each additional Attack Power point is distributed among five monsters, not to mention, it increases your odds of killing the enemy. You should also seek to increase your dexterity, which increases this Attack Power, and also adds accuracy.

Main cannon

Associated with impressive graphic animation and sound effects, you may quickly have the feeling to play a "bomber", which is far from being unpleasant. Moreover, even if its actions are regular and predictable, thanks to their stable damage and Deep Insight to size enemies up, to play the Cannon is not troublesome. Handling their cross-shaped AoE is very fun. It always exercises your brain a bit, and it can be a treat to "chase" after the monsters and bomb the area where they gather. After level 50, Deep Insight applies to the whole mob's formation and proves to be useful up to the maximum level allowed by the game. The simple fact of be able to see the monsters' life, and also being able to kill them quickly due to the AoE, are major assets in gaining experience, no matter the level.

PvE: Excellent

The qualities mentioned before can all be found and used in PvE, and, contrary to Freezing Axe, Deep Insight will always work, even against bosses. Along with multi-target mercenaries (Spearman, Viking, Artillery, Beast Trainer, etc.), the Cannon can stun the enemy's formation, at least, the first two rows, rather easily, which makes them one of the best PvE main characters. Only the bosses, immune to stun, will propose any challenges, but the Cannon will contribute much to defeating their surrounding monsters.

Main cannon casting Deep Insight
Main cannon screenshot

Combined with Deep Insight, solo PvE is easy to manage with the Cannon. It's just be necessary to focus on their HP, and don't let them receive a surprise attack. It's always possible for enemies to be able to target a single character, such as your main, and it hurts! There is, however, a small downside, and it is reason enough for the Cannon to not be considered the ultimate character. Their weapon cannot attack flying monsters with a basic attack. It's pretty frustrating, especially after you take the time to kill surrounding monsters, but there is still Deep Insight and possibly scrolls to occupy the Cannon.

PvP: Excellent

Let me say it immediately; the Cannon is, after the Axe, known to be the best PvP character.

Indeed, many builds are based on the AoE damage, in order to put a continuous pressure on the opposing player. With their good accuracy, they are the ideal character for such a strategy, even if the damage is slightly low against melees or even defensive staves, like the Oracle, they are still quite common in the Free League (let us recall that the long ranges' damage is decreased against staves in PvP).

Cannoneer mercenary

It is also possible to build a stun strategy around the Cannon, as long as your formation includes other multi-target mercenaries, for example, a Cannoneer, or a Beast Trainer. This type of formation also makes it possible to more easily prohibit scroll usage, including by enemies in the last row.


With their great combinations, the Cannon is, at the same time, pleasant, and also easy to play, as long as they are rarely stressful. In addition, they offer many valuable opportunities to higher levels, both in PvE and PvP.

The Cannon is a character that one can easily recommend to beginners, as well as experienced players. Without being ultimate, it's still possible for the Cannon to face all situations easily and explore all sides of the game. What more could you ask for?

Main cannon outside
Main cannon screenshot


  • Very all-around and adaptable
  • Appropriate for all levels of players
  • Rich in possibilities (AoE, stun, etc.)


  • Low-average Action Power

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Complete Guide to Main Characters: Gun

First, we have to be honest on an important point: the author of this guide just tested the [ao:character]Main Gun[/ao] in early levels. That's why the content of this guide is mainly influenced by his experiment with the [ao:mercenary]Gunner[/ao] mercenary and opinions read on public forums.
Now, let's start.
Basic stats show that the Main Gun is a close copy of the Gunner mercenary (in her highest levels). Indeed, strength, dexterity and M.def are about the same ; vitality and defense are better for the mercenary, but the Main characters' unique items compensate for that at the highest levels. We only see an intelligence bonus for the Oichi (not greatly useful).
Character Str Int Dex Vit Def M.Def
Main Gun 210 240 320 230 250 278
Gunner (level 1) 150 220 220 170 180 225
Hero Oichi (level 100) 192 331 331 288 570 225

It may be more relevant to compare the Main Gun with the two other Long Range characters, [ao:character]Bow[/ao] and [ao:cannon]Cannon[/ao]:

  • Guns' basic attack can hit 3 targets (column), cannon 5, and bow 1. But most of the damage for a gun is focused on the first enemy.
  • Guns have medium-high Action Power, cannon low, and bow very high.
  • Guns' main skill ([ao:skill]Wild Shot[/ao]) has nice damage, cannon and bow both have a very useful skill (respectively Deep Insight and Silence), but neither skill does much damage.
  • Bows have extremely low stats, Cannons have higher stats, and Guns are in the middle (except they have the highest dexterity).

That's why one can say that the Gun character is in between the Cannon and Bow, when you don't consider the important skills that separate her from them.

Leveling: Good

Multiple target attackers (gun, axe, cannon, spear) generally progress more quickly than single target ones (bow, sword, staff). Gun users are a little different since the damage is very concentrated on the first target, and very low on the two others.
Thus, it is not rare to shoot a column of dying monsters (life at approximately 5%), and see that they are still upright after having hit them! It is frustrating, and of course slows down the fight. Boosting self Attack Power with a powerful weapon (strongly enchanted) and bonuses in dexterity makes it possible to partly correct this problem, but it will still have to be said that gun weapons are not designed to make triple-kills by themselves (even if it does occur occasionally, particularly with flying mobs).
For that, one would rather use the Wild Shot skill which does very good damage, and which one will not hesitate to raise to the maximum skill level.

Low level Main Gun, female screenshot
Main gun screenshot

On the other hand, in team of 3-4 guns (including possibly one cannon), it is a true massacre if a [ao:mercenary]Shaman[/ao] uses [ao:skill]Brutal Will[/ao], and the battles are a lot shorter. This strategy proves very effective until levels 80-90, where the monsters change caliber and the defects of Guns become awkward

Indeed, the Main gun is rather fragile, especially against physical damage. However, she dodges well, owing to a good evasion. Up to a certain level, it is thus possible to place her near the front (even on the frontline!), with a [ao:mercenary]monk[/ao] skilled with [ao:skill]Shield of Protection[/ao] allowing to her to handle the damage. However, if the [ac]AI[/ac] concentrates its attacks on her, or profits from chance, she will fall quickly.

At high levels, with quality gear and unique items (in particular mounts for defense), resistance increases a lot (like all the mains). But it remains insufficient to take violent assaults from level 100+ mobs, especially as the main gun's attack starts to do less damage to the mobs due to their higher defense and the mobs die more slowly.

One will therefore need to count on the whole formation for damaging the monsters well, and on a good line of defense to protect it. It is undoubtedly one of the reasons for which we see so few top-level Main Guns on the Atlatinca's servers, and that the mercenary gunners themselves are often replaced.

PvE: Good in solo, Very good in party

Though the triple-attack of the gun does unbalanced damage, it is on the other hand very effective to stun its opponents. Of course, the gun hits fewer mobs than the cannon and its five targets, but the Gun character has a higher dexterity and more action power. Its shots are thus more precise and more frequent.

In addition, she is the only character capable making multi-hits on flying mobs (at least the only one with a basic attack). Since those have a weak defense, the weak damage matters less. That probably makes her the most effective - and most amusing - to kill this category of monster. We will also appreciate that her attacks are at the same time pleasant to look at (on the condition that you like firearms, but if one chooses Gun it is not by chance!) and quick to be executed.

Main Gun, male screenshot
Main gun screenshot

Finally, her Wild Shot remains usable at any level in [ac]PvE[/ac], but its usefulness is more debatable. It appears to be more strategic to use the basic attack for the stun at the beginning of battles, while using the skill at the end of the fight, to kill the last monsters (especially if they gather in column!).
It is also a solid asset against the monsters with very high defense and weak [ac] M.def [/ac].

If it were not weaker in the last levels (cf previous paragraph), the Gun character would be excellent in [ac]PvE[/ac] solo, but in party it deserves an additional mention. Indeed, strategy based on a group of Gunners under Brutal Will, or, better, under the effect of [ao:skill]Seth's will[/ao] from an [ao:mercenary]Oracle[/ao], is amazing in a group. The damage of the monsters is distributed more between the teams, and 3-4 guns allow the gunner team to volley enemies effectively.
Moreover, the [ao:skill]Princess' Order[/ao] skill from [ao:mercenary]Princess[/ao] mercenary makes it possible to survive bad surprises.

It should be mentioned that the [ao:skill]Chaos Wind[/ao] ability specific to the Long Range job Mains allows a very nice combo if his/her partner is a melee main skilled with [ao:skill]Break Down[/ao].

For a player who belongs to an active guild, or has a large friend-list, a group of gunners specialized in [ac]PvE[/ac] makes it possible to easily explore the world of Atlantica and even to farm quite effectively.

PvP: Bad-average

Unfortunately, this ability to stun is the only real asset of the Main Gun in [ac]PvP[/ac]. It will also be essential to use other mercenaries that are ranged and attack multiple targets ([ao:mercenary]Cannoneer[/ao], [ao:mercenary]Artillery[/ao], [ao:mercenary]Gunner[/ao], etc.) to obtain decent results. The Princess, interesting in theory, don't bring enough high bonuses to make a difference in PVP.

Main Gun, female screenshot
High level Main gun screenshot

If not for her very high dexterity, the Gun character can be summarized as the lower alternative of the Main Cannon, and it will be necessary to have a very good equipment to correct her weaknesses in Free League.


The Main Gun is the type of hybrid character who one loves more for her style (look at the screenshot below!) than her abilities.
Because, let us say it frankly, this character really does not manage to find her place between a Cannon who is much more balanced and effective in a stun formation and a Bow who is very fragile but skilled with the excellent [ao:skill]Silence[/ao].

Main Gun, female screenshot
Main gun screenshot


  • 3 targets in a column
  • Very good in party


  • No serious advantage compared to cannon
  • Fragile

Complete Guide to Main Characters: Spear

Among the three melee main characters, the Main Spear has the most offensive stats and the least defensive stats. Indeed, he has the greatest strength to hurt, a good dexterity to hit often, but his vitality and defense is a little inferior. However, it is necessary to keep in mind this is all relative because the ranges (about 50 points, excluding defense) are not a very large difference and some will be reduced when he reaches the top levels. There will however remain a large difference in strength, since the [ao:item]spear[/ao] weapons give a lot of it, and a small difference in defensive weakness that good equipment will be able to compensate for.

However, compared to the [ao:mercenary]Spearman[/ao] mercenary that inspired it, the main spear appears much weaker. It is necessary to acknowledge that Ndoors was very generous with this mercenary, and it is undoubtedly one of the more appreciated fighters among D-Class mercenaries.

Character Str Int Dex Vit Def M.Def
Main Spear 370 240 210 250 300 128
Spear Mercenary (level 1) 310 120 210 240 330 110
Hero Zhao Yun (level 100) 470 235 267 353 990 110

The main spear still keeps the excellent basic attack of the spear, which makes it possible to hit two targets (column) at the same time. It is less targets than the [ao:character]Axe[/ao] and his three targets in a row, but the damage is higher. His graphic animations are really beautiful, looking inspired by Asian martial art movies and anime. After several months of gaming, one still does not get tired of them ; the only problem: they can take very a long time to look at, especially when our character hounds his target!

Additionally, he benefits from the excellent skill [ao:skill]Lightning Spear[/ao] which makes it possible to inflict magic damage while lowering Action Power. This ability affects two enemies (column) at first, then three once he reaches level 80. The experienced players however, think that 2 to 3 spearmen are necessary to really utilize this skill; with 2 or 3 it reduces the choices for your formation but is very effective.

It should be noted that the majority of bot formations are based on the capabilities of the Spearman.

Leveling: Excellent

As one could expect with the previous remark, the Main Spear is an excellent choice for leveling quickly.
He strikes his 2 targets extremely hard and can use his skill Lightning Spear against the flying mobs, the monsters with low [ac]M.def[/ac], or to be sure to finish off dying enemies (and getting the [ac]xp[/ac] which comes from finishing a kill). That makes him effective from the beginning to the end of the game, which is rather rare among the main characters. One can also add that his stock of [ac]MP[/ac] is sufficient to use this magic skill without restriction during combat.

Main spear fighting

It will be necessary to take care to protect him in the early levels or against dangerous enemies by avoiding the first row. In any other situation, the support of a [ao:mercenary]Monk[/ao] (with [ao:skill]Protect[/ao]) and decent gear makes it possible to withstand attacks without too much trouble.

In short, with a spear character, on the condition that you remain vigilant, the leveling is very easy and there is no more to say!

PvE: Excellent

This versatile attack is very useful in [ac]PvE[/ac], and there is no monster in the world of Atlantica that will take the Main Spear lightly.

The basic attack is enough most of the time, and can even contribute to a stun strategy if the formation has other mercenaries able to hit columns (cannon, gun, and of course mercenary spears). Attack Power will match the increase in [ac]Def[/ac] and [ac]HP[/ac] of the monsters as they level, on the condition that you invest in good spears (strongly enchanted).
For this reason, especially if the formation includes several others spears (as that is recommended in [ac]PvE[/ac]), raising your crafting skill in Spear can prove to be a wise choice.

Lightning Spear used regularly will make it possible to slow down your opponents while also wounding them, including the bosses. Thus, the (relative) defensive weakness of the spear isn't as strongly felt, and the rest of the formation also benefits from the skill.

Lightning spear casting

A rather current strategy in [ac]PvE[/ac] consists of leaving the Main Spear in the middle row, surrounded by two spearman mercenaries. One [ao:mercenary]Shaman[/ao] located in the back row boosts them with [ao:skill]Brutal Will[/ao] and takes care of healing them. Simple but effective. In later levels, this tactic remains valid by replacing the Shaman with an [ao:mercenary]Oracle[/ao] and her [ao:skill]Seth's Will[/ao].

Others instead take a risk by leaving 3 spears in the front row (including the Main), and supporting them with the [ac]HoT[/ac] (and magic protection) of [ao:skill]Holy Guard[/ao]. This alternative requires you to have good armor, but also makes it possible to have a second row more offensive than in the first set-up (with Long Range mercenaries such as cannon or gun for example).

PvP: Very good

If the two [ac]PvP[/ac] stars in Free League are currently the Axe and the Cannon, the Main Spear is undoubtedly located just behind them.

Indeed, formations based on several spears were formerly very popular, before a patch came to nerf their damage. Another reason these formations became less popular is that the Spearman mercenary, in spite of his undeniable qualities, remains only a D-class mercenary. With time, the players replace them with C-class mercenaries (even B-class mercenaries in Korea, and soon on the international servers), who are better and more powerful.

However, for a player who does not aim for the first division in Free League or who does not have enough time to farm intensely, a spear-based team - with a main as base - remains a strong effective team, which can manage against any type of opponent. In other types of formation, a Spear Main does not offer a real advantage over the Axe Main, as Freezing Axe is more difficult for the opponent to handle than a single Lightning Spear.


The Main Spear is a character who seems quite abandoned among the Atlantica Online community, crushed by the supremacy of the Axe and the latest evolutions of the game.

However, he remains very pleasant to play daily, the lance being undoubtedly a weapon that has much class.

The casual players, or [ac]PvE[/ac] oriented ones, will enjoy his offensive qualities and his versatility a lot; in other words we could say he is the melee equivalent of the cannon.


  • Very good attack
  • Versatile


  • No real asset instead of the Axe in PvP
  • Most fragile among the melee classes

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