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AOP fansite provides information, tools and help to Atlantica Online Players since 10/27/2008.
  • 10/27: A new website is available at http://www.atlantica-db.com/
  • 09/02: New Guide: Understanding and Profit Through Auto-craft
  • 08/19: Patch Update with the new Hwarang mercenary
  • 08/03: New Guide about Alcatraz Prison Dungeon
  • 07/28: New Guide about Leveling Through Monsters
  • 07/18: New Guides about Enhancing and Ghost Ship Dungeon
  • 07/05: skills completed, thanks to all contributing players!

Atlantica-db Release

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Posted 10/27/2009 - 19:40 by Admin Muwing

Two months after the news announcing it, Atlantica-db is released.
The website is available at the following address:


A very complete database is provided, with much more - and updated - info, except the Quests.

Read the Atlantica-db Official Release news for more information.

As a consequence, the "Game Information" section on AOP will disappear (except Quests), and old links will be redirected to the new website. Same with the Guides.

The AOP forum will be closed soon, at least the possibility to create new topics. Atlantica-db has a "classic" forum, with possibilities to post its formation, link items/skills/etc.

PS: I just realized that AOP is exactly one year old today, weird birthday.

New Hosting, Atlantica-db.com on the road

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Posted 08/27/2009 - 10:19 by Admin Muwing

After a very active summer on AOP, time is come to put together my last announcements, and to give a report the situation.

1) New Hosting

First of all, AOP will move to a new hosting, for two reasons:

  1. My hoster drops the kind of hosting I'm using (Real Private Server), which has now some annoying limitations.
  2. Sad personnal reason: no job => no money => I can't pay a quality server.

This new (shared) hosting will be -globally- less performant, but should be more stable. By the way, AOP uses 1.3 To traffic / month ; the new server is limited to 1 To.

So I have to deal with these new constraints (= additionnal and unexpected work), and some features on AOP could be disabled. Most of them should be (progressively) converted to an "optimized" version on the new website.

2) New website: Atlantica-db.com

The successor of AOP, Atlantica-db.com, is on the road.
My plans was to provide more info, more features and a better usability: it remains true for the info (thanks to someone who shared some knowledge with me), but false regarding the features.
The German version is still possible if I find a serious collaborator.

My main motivation is to find a job - or to start my own activity.
That's why I'd lie if I told the usual marketing speech:

I'm working hard so as to release the best site around Atlantica Online for you, lovely players

The truth is:

I'm working hard so as to improve my skills related to web programming, and to build a kind of showcase.

I spent a lot of time and energy on AOP, but that doesn't put food on the table, and I can't continue anymore.

3) What now?

AOP itself won't evolve at the moment, what means no new feature. But reported bugs will continue to be fixed.

However, it may involve, depending on the parts I may need to disable (maybe none!).

I don't know when the new site is done, maybe next month, maybe later. I'm currently losing some time to adapt my work to this new hosting. And other problems to manage.
However, the new forums will be online sooner, as Guides (and their translations) will be located there in the future.

Well, sorry to be a bother with my wretched life, but I wanted to inform you -honestly- about the situation.

PS: the new hosting is rented for 2 years (interesting promotion), paid with my social securities. So AOP won't disappear tomorrow.

Update 08/29:
A ChipIn donation button has been added, for people who would feel the desire to support AOP and its successor.
If the fund raising is a success, it would pay a better hosting for a year.
That would entirely solve the traffic problem, and a large part of the problems related to heavy features.
This better hosting would make my work on the next Atlantica website easier too (present and future).

Update 09/09:
Migration to the new hosting is completed.
The next days will show how stable the site is.

Update 09/07:
Thanks to the kindness of Dodecahedron (Sikyon server), bandwidth isn't a problem anymore (some external files will be stored on its own server).

Update 10/02:
No miracle, the fund raising has failed: 50$ was collected (13 contributions).
It could be used for situational needs, no more.

Atlantica Online: Patch Update Of August 18

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Posted 08/19/2009 - 08:40 by Admin Muwing

Every 2 months, Ndoors updates their Atlantica Online International with a new patch. This August, 18, the traditional patch notes -much more styled and readable as before- inform us about the main changes.

The main addition is the coming of a new (bow, C-Class) mercenary: Hwarang, and his related stuff (quest, skills, books).
Other changes are pretty common with Atlantica: items removed, craft materials modified, tons of minor adjustments / bug corrections.
A good point for AOP (and players interested), it's not possible to reach 100% monster info!

Loading speed has improved. Loading time for high population areas should be noticeably decreased.

People using Laptops should be pleased.

New Mercenary: Hwarang
  • The quest for recruiting Hwarang has been added.
  • You can start this quest with NPC [Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin] near Bulguksa (level 112).
  • Skill Books for his magic, Hwarang’s Aura, Seal Instrument, and Hwarang’s Fury, have been added. - These books can be obtained from monsters in Bulguksa.
    - They can also be attained from boxes given by NPC [Goncourt].
    - [II] and [III] books can be crafted with Book Crafting skill.

Mercenary Junior Hwarang and related stuff (quest, NPC, books) have been added.
A few time will be necessary to complete his skills' stats and the recruiting quest.
Side notes:
  • The last mercenary to be introduced was... the Elementalist on 02/18 Patch.
  • Next to come are the Punisher (saw) then Minstrel (instrument).

Free League
  • Holy Guard’s healing and physical defense have been decreased.
  • Main characters’ physical defense has increased.
  • Max skill level of Lighting Spear is now 70 with the use of Charms.
  • Damage from Officer’s Shotgun’s ‘Lightning Bullets’ has decreased.
  • Free League Auto-Battle rewards have been decreased.

Holy Guard skill updated with the new stats.
To compare the old/new stats in Free League (Dharma [Hero I], skill level 70, 400 int):
before: +817 HP
after: +396 HP ~ -674 Def

By the way, AOP does not provide info about the max skill levels (as 70 for Lightning Spear). It will be included within the next site.

  • Monk’s AI has been improved in Free League Auto-Battle. - Monks will now use Holy Guard.
    - Monks will use Awakening when the combo count is 1.
  • When using Auto-Battle, mercenaries will now attempt to use a potion when out of magic power.
  • The amount of magic power used during Auto-Battle has been increased for players above level 100.
  • The bug that caused items to not be looted correctly when using Seth’s Will magic has been fixed.
  • In PVE, the weapon’s magic chance rate has been increased for the following: Valhalla’s Bow, Sealed Dragon’s Fang, Storm Bringer, and Officer’s Shotgun.
  • During battle, other players can no longer perform a Trade Request or Repair Request from you.

Nothing to comment here.

  • The Maniac’s Storm Blast magic skill has changed to passive, similar to the Pirate’s ‘Toxic Sword’ skill. The effect of Storm Blast skill has also been improved. - The duration will remain the same and higher Storm Blast skill levels will increase the casting chance rate.
  • Maniac can now learn the Guard Dispel magic skill.
  • In PVE, Princess’ Order magic skill has been improved. - Princess’ Order’s defense will increase as the skill level increases.
    - Amount of defense and accuracy added by Princess’ Order has been increased.
  • Graphical effect of War Cry has been modified.
  • Graphical effect of Hell Flame has been modified.
  • Graphical effect of Freezing Axe has been modified.

Skills Storm Blast and Princess Order have been updated. PvP stats remains the same (Storm Blast too).

  • The Thoroughbred can now be purchased at a fixed price from the Market.
  • The Unicorn and Prismatic Unicorn have had their models improved.
  • Graphical effects have been added to weapons grade +4 and above.
  • The grade of items has been changed from [Beg], [Int], [Adv], [Pre] to , [II], [III], [IV].
  • Some materials have been removed and replaced by others: o Mercury -> Crystal
    o Sharp Tooth -> Sharpened Claw
    o Horse Hoof -> Horse Hair
    o Deer Antler - >Green Mold
    o Peppermint -> Green Mold
    o Laurel, Willow Bark -> Jasmine
    o Energy of Soil -> Energy of Atmosphere
    o Energy of Ground -> Energy of Wind
    o Energy of Cloud -> Energy of Wind
    o Energy of Earth -> Energy of Hail
    o Energy of Continent -> Energy of Sky
  • The fee for exchanging boxes with De Mere has been increased for certain boxes.
  • The required Elements for the crafting of Divine, Depraved, and Phoenix equipment have been increased and other required materials have been decreased.
  • Monster Item Info bonus to looting additional items has been decreased to 80% from 90%.
  • The amount of gold attained from battle has been decreased.
  • The gap between the minimum and maximum number of Elements that can be attained from dismantling Freezing equipment has been reduced. - The average amount of elements attained has not changed.
  • The icons for Officer’s Shotgun, Life Potions, and many consumable items have been changed.

- Thoroughbred fixed price added: 70,000,000 (!)
- Items renamed from [Beg], [Int], [Adv], [Pre] to [I], [II], [III], [IV].
- Craft materials removed/replaced/updated ([i]this single line always require so much boring work).
- A few icons have been updated, but I don't intend to check all of them at the moment.

  • You will now receive a message when your Jackpot License expires.
  • The following Individual Dungeon items can no longer be obtained through the Jackpot system: Water Dragon Scale, Insect Shell, Dust of Death, Torn Page, Poisonous Fang

  • Monster [Leviathan] has been placed in Southern Europe on the Titan Server. [Leviathan] will change his location every 30 minutes.
  • A Bandit area has been added near Northeast Asia.
  • Poison-Horned Python’s magic skill will now hit all mercenaries; however, damage and action power reduction have been reduced.
  • Experience from monsters in Bulguksa, Ghost Town, and Mysterious Saloon has been increased.
  • Mutated Spider King’s magic graphical effect has been changed.
  • Admirer of Shiva’s magic has been changed to Ranged type.
  • The following boss monsters’ defense has been decreased: Giustiniani, Constantinus XI, Sedna, Machine Gun Brooks, Reckless Control System, Tlaltecuhtli King
  • Ignorant Savage’s difficulty and experience have been increased and Enraged Savage’s attack power has been increased.
  • The magic skills of the Enchanting Warriors in Mysterious Saloon have been changed.
  • The attack type of the following monsters has been changed from Bow to Sword: Fire Hound, Hell Hound, Evil Wolf, Hell Wolf, Young Cerberus, Cerberus, Hell’s Watchdog, Blazing Lizard
  • A bug which caused Bulguksa monsters’ levels to display incorrectly in Monster Info has been fixed.
  • A bug related to the Health Points of transforming monsters has been fixed.
  • Monster Info for non-existent monsters has been removed.
  • It is now possible for players to achieve 100% Monster Info.
  • Guild and Nation Dungeon monsters’ locations will now display properly in Monster Info.
  • You can now share Tainted Unicorn Monster Info.
  • The graphic models of Crystal Guards, Crystal Safeguards, Dark Crystal Safeguards, Lone Guardsmen, and Bloody Safeguards have been changed.
  • Head Miners’ magic skill effect bug has been fixed.

Hope the contributors will do the described changes :)
By the way, the possibility to achieve 100% Monster Info is a great improvement!

  • The fee for services in Rome and Chang An has been increased. Chang An’s Trading Post Fee has not been changed.
  • Travel Agency’s base fee has been increased.

As a consequence, Teleportation Licences' price should increase too.

  • Guild Activity Points have been added. Existing guilds’ Guild Activity Points will be set to 28,000. - Guild activity points are earned by each guild member’s contribution.
    - Guild members can contribute to Guild Activity Points by killing monsters.
    - A maximum of 2,000 Guild Activity Points can be earned by a guild per in-game month (1 day real time).
    - Town Control will now require a guild to have at least 28,000 Guild Activity Points to apply.
  • Guild Initiates cannot participate in Guild or Nation Dungeons. When a guild member is added, they are automatically set as an Initiate. This guild rank cannot be changed for 12 hours from the time of joining the guild.
  • When a guild leader is impeached, their Guild Rank is set to Initiate. When a guild leader is impeached, Initiates are not eligible to become the guild leader.
  • When starting a guild craft, the amount of materials needed will be displayed.
  • While guild crafting, a crafting progress interface has been added.
  • A bug which caused a Korean-text error message to display when setting up a guild craft has been fixed to now display the message in English.
  • If a guild does not reach level 20 within 45 days, the guild will now automatically disband.

That should reduce some abuses, mainly fake guilds.

  • War NPC Generals have been modified in the following ways: - NPC Generals can no longer battle against other NPC Generals.
    - NPC Generals’ formation has been changed and difficulty increased.

  • An emoticon shortcut has been added to the Chat box interface.
  • You can now use emoticons in Whisper windows.
  • You will now be notified when you have more than 25 messages in your in-game Mailbox.
  • An issue with certain players’ Friends List which prevented them from adding or removing friends has been fixed.

Nothing to comment there.

  • Forest of Spirits (Sapporo) – Naonari’s Auto-Move location has been modified.
  • Jayavarman’s Quest – if your Accessory Crafting skill level is 0, it will automatically be increased to 1.
  • A new “Travel Agency” quest has been added to Hu Xue-yan’s quest line.
  • Prophet Quest - “Crazy Desert Eagle’s” Auto-Move location has been modified.
  • Narayan’s “Important Crossroads” quest must be completed to achieve level 50.

Sotheby's Auction
  • The Auction’s items and opening times have been added. - Item Types -> Power Saw and Instrument
    - Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) -> 5:30pm PDT and 11:30pm PDT have been added.

  • The Exorcist’s voice sound files have been updated.
  • Updated all mercenaries’ sound effects for hits, critical hits, etc.
  • Independent Mercenary Adventurer job rewards have been modified. Two of the lower-value rewards have been changed to better rewards.
  • After you report a user using the ‘Report’ feature from the right-click menu, the result of the user’s verification attempt will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
  • Report verification code window will no longer appear during Free-league.
  • Character portraits have been changed for female main character, Spearman, Beast Trainer, Archer, Witch, Shaman, and Gunner.
  • The Hall of Fame Individual Dungeon rank bug, which caused incorrect character names to be displayed, has been fixed.
  • Bank Fee bug, which caused the fee to become 1 at very high rates, has been fixed.
  • If you go over the Bank limit, the gold from items sold on the Market will be sent to your in-game mailbox instead of depositing directly into your Bank.
  • When you exchange items with NPC Pointry, you can now enter the quantity of items that you wish to receive.
  • The rare versions of mounts (Dark Mercury Rider, Helios’ Golden Griffin, Prismatic Unicorn, and Gold Mars Rider) can now be placed in the Mount Book.
  • The hospital will now display mercenaries’ names correctly when healing and reviving.
  • The hospital will now display mercenaries’ levels correctly.
  • Mercenary Grade system has been modified. The starting grade of a mercenary will now be 1, and each upgrade will increase the grade by 1.
  • Automatic Graphic option has been added. - Depending on the situation, the graphical settings will be automatically changed to increase performance.
    - You can Enable/Disable this setting from System Menu -> Settings -> Graphics.

Portraits have been updated, except Female Main Character.
The Formation Builder will use them from now. To update older pictures generated with this tool, you'll have to re-create them.

  • Southern Europe has been modified. o Witch Town [Magic Library of Night Shadow] has added east of Berne.
    o [Sanctum of Clear Prophecy] has added west of Berne.
    o [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit] has added north of Athens.
  • Northeast Asia has been modified. o [Raccoon Village] has been added near Kyoto.
    o [Land of Power] has been changed to [Chang-san], the spearman’s hometown, northeast of Beijing.
  • Innocent Villagers have been added in a small prison near Pusan.
  • [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield] has been modified.
  • Individual, Guild, Nation dungeons’ teleport locations have been modified.
  • NPCs and dungeon locations in Southern Europe have been modified. o Vivian and Novice Witch have been moved to [Magic Library of Night Shadow].
    o [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield] and Ancient Spartan Hero have moved to [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit].
    o Pandora, Calliope, Kleio, and Thalia have been moved to [Spartan Sanctum of Fighting Spirit].
    o Dispatcher Edward has moved to the [Parthenon] in Southern Europe.
  • Battle map in Lijiang Woman’s Village has modified.
  • Goonzu World’s teleport limit has been changed to level 90.
  • NPC Philos has been moved to just inside the entrance of Coal Mine Base Camp.

Related maps have been updated.

That should be the last Patch Update on Atlantica Online Players, the next website should be online next month.

Note: Stuff related to Hwarang (skills & quest) will be updated as soon as possible.

AOP: The New Beginning

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Posted 07/18/2009 - 18:30 by Admin Muwing

The title sounds like an Atlantica's major patch, and defines quite well the future of AOP.

Indeed, I'm going to develop another website about Atlantica Online.

Since its beginning, AOP is an amateur fansite.
It was built -and grew up- with free time (about 1.000 hours), good will, and contributions from various contributors (mostly monster info, quests, guides and forum topics).
Despite of that, many people said that AOP looked like a "pro" site, thanks to the quality, the quantity and the usability of its information (validated and updated).
The daily traffic regularly increased (presently more than 4.500 visits and 26.000 pages viewed), what demonstrate that players trust and enjoy this fansite.

But it has some flaws too:

  • Unable to manage handle several versions of Atlantica Online. AOP couldn't handle the upcoming German version (except with heavy additionnal code).
  • It isn't adapted to the frequent changes with translations (mainly item names)
  • Accessibility to sorted data (item by type, monster by level, etc), and the search feature, are functionnal but "classic". It's possible to be more efficient.
  • Forum activity was pretty low before this summer (but friendly & moderated). Some users are baffled when forums don't look like usual bulletin boards.
  • Some features are not used -even if players asked for them- as the Guilds (some players register their guild and that's about all).
  • Technical difficulties to code or update some features. Basically AOP is a Drupal CMS, with tons of code added.

The next site will be more ambitious, with these main objectives (I won't detail much at the moment):

  • More info, easier and faster to browse
  • More media (i.e. pictures & videos)
  • More user activity, with a better profile integration (characters, formations...) and a classic phpBB forum
  • Easier to correct, and to report errors or additions from users
  • Separate sections for other Atlantica version (i.e. the German version will have its own database/forum in german language ; at least if someone is ready to help me)

Let's come with the obious questions:

When it's done.
I'm unemployed so I have time - but other activities too.
I think that I'll need about 3 weeks to think/design the project, 4-5 weeks to code and merge the AOP data to the new site, 1-2 weeks to correct bugs + final improvements.
Other features and tools will come later, the site itself will be available to the public when the "Game Information" section is finished.

Will AOP die?
First of all, AOP will continue to be updated until the data are merged to the new site. So if there is a new patch soon, AOP will be updated as before.
In the future, I think that AOP will stay online, but its database shouldn't be updated anymore.
Maybe it will evolve to another kind of fansite, it will also depends on users.
So the true answer is: I don't know.

Will the data be lost?
All "game" data will be used into this new site. That means all the work (from contributors too) with monster loots, the quests, etc, will be used. The guides too, except if their author disagrees (it's their right).
But the account-related data won't be transfered: that includes your titles, characters and formations, private messages and forums posts. However, they will stay on AOP.

Will you need help?
Oh yes!
The most important are solid collaborators, one for each Atlantica version (International version, upcoming German one), so as to help me with the localization. I'll give more details soon.
By the way I suck with graphics, so if someone could create a phpBB style or some banners, it would help a lot!

Don't hesitate to give your feelings about his new project, maybe some suggestions too.
I'll read all your comments, and they may help me -us- to realize the best site about Atlantica Online!

AOP needs you: checking monster info

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Posted 04/24/2009 - 08:23 by Admin Muwing

AOP contributors, regular users, or just visitors,

The last patch has introduced many changes, and monsters -stats, loots, locations- has been modified too.

That's why AOP needs volunteers to perform a complete and rigorous checking.

How does it work?
There are 777 monsters to verify, I guess only a small part of them need to be updated (maybe 10%?).
Each volunteer will check all monsters whose name starts with the letter of his/her choice. Some letters are quite empty and other very filled, choose in accordance with your free time/motivation. It should take 30-60min.
Just post here what letter you take, for example I take the A. The list will be updated below.
If you finish a letter and want to work on another one, you can. You can ch

But the idea is More volunteers => less work for each of you.
There is no delay, it's a long term work. But if you withdraw, please tell us.

  • A +75% monster info is required.
  • Each volunteer will have access to Monster Editor to do the need modification.
  • If some extra additions are required (add a new magic skill or else), just ask.
  • If you see missing monsters, it's the opportunity to add them too.
  • If you're not familiar with AOP, please read the Staff Handbook first.
  • If you have any problem, just ask (here, private message, staff chat...).

Thanks to anyone who will help!

A => devill - done
B => oachkatzl - done
C => vitornob - in progress
D => devill - done
E => Captain Hook - done
F => devill - done
G => Captain Hook - done
H => Captain Hook & devill - done
I => numblocke - done
J => devill - done
K => devill - done
L => devill - done
M => NeoZiKa - done
N => Yorick - done
O => Captain Hook - done
P =>
Q =>
R =>
S => JexMcByte - in progress (June patch ok)
T => Ledge - done (June patch ok)
U => Ledge - done ; KittyBOOM - done (June patch ok)
V => KittyBOOM - in progress
W => Ledge - done (June patch ok)
X => KittyBOOM - done (June patch ok)
Y => KittyBOOM - done (June patch ok)
Z => KittyBOOM - done (June patch ok)

PS: to see the monsters starting with a specified letter, you can user this url: http://aop.muwing.com/monsters?name=a with the letter of your choice.
PPS: current status: 532 monsters checked

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